Well, it’s been a while since I shared a guide to Palm Beach with you all! So much has changed over the past few years and I felt like this was long overdue. This post will give you all the tips for Palm Beach, from how to travel there, where to stay, where to eat, and so much more!

I hope you all enjoy!

How To Get There

How do you get to Palm Beach?

Well, it certainly depends on where you’re coming from! If you’re not a Floridian (or from a nearby state like GA or even SC), you’re most likely going to fly. And I do have good news for you – Palm Beach has an airport! You can get from the airport to the Island in about 10 minutes. However, it can be incredibly difficult to find direct flights to PBI depending on what part of the country you’re coming from. For example, from PA only Allegiant flies directly to PBI – which is ironic to me considering it is more of a “value” airline. Regardless, flights to PBI – direct or not – are definitely more expensive than going to/from other cities. However, if you watch flights it is not impossible to get a decent deal. We’re big Southwest advocates, and we’re pretty satisfied if we can get a round trip to PBI for under $400 a person. If you look into airlines like American or Delta, you can often expect to spend $500-$800 round trip per person, depending on the time of year.

So how can you get there for a better bang for your buck? Well, there are a few ways. Of course, I recommend being smart when looking for flights. Fly during the week (Tues-Thurs) in an attempt to get a better rate and go to Palm Beach during the summer rather than the winter (which we’ll discuss later). If you’re planning to rent a car for your trip, I would also recommend considering flying into and out of Fort Lauderdale. You can typically drive from Fort Lauderdale to the island in about one hour, and flight prices there are more comparable to an airport like Orlando. However, I highly recommend utilizing PBI if your budget allows it just because the airport is small and easy to navigate. Luggage and security are the fastest I’ve ever seen, and I’ve never had issues renting a car with Budget via PBI. On our most recent trip, we woke up, got dressed for our flight, returned our car, and made it through security in less than one hour. Talk about quick and easy!

Where To Stay

There are so many great hotels in Palm Beach! I personally prefer staying on the Island, but I’m going to include a few hotels in West Palm since Palm Beach hotels can be pricey. I have reviews of some of these hotels – some are a few years old – but I’ll be sure to link them accordingly!

  • The Colony Hotel: Of course, this is my top recommendation. In case you’re new here, I got married at The Colony last May – you can read all about my wedding here. But I’ve been staying here for years and it is truly second to none. The service, the ambience, the location – all amazing! You’re one block from the beach and one block from Worth Avenue, making it the perfect location. They offer complimentary rides around the Island in an SUV or in their beach buggy, and you can also use their bicycles free of charge. You’re within walking distance to countless shops and restaurants, including a Starbucks located in the Esplanade. Read my review of The Colony here.

  • The Lilly Pad Palm Beach: I recently stayed at this Airbnb, The Lilly Pad, and it was great! You can read more about its location and amenities in my review. But by far this is probably the lowest price and best value you’ll get to stay on the Island! Plus, it’s Lilly Pulitzer themed – how much better can you get?

  • The Brazilian Court: This is another hotel located near Worth Avenue. If it is your first time in Palm Beach or if you don’t have a car, I recommend staying near Worth! This will give you the ability to walk to countless shops, restaurants, and even the beach. The Brazilian definitely has more updated rooms than other comparable hotels like The Colony and The Chesterfield. While the other hotels do have updated bathrooms in their rooms, The Brazilian’s rooms are truly unique and are beautifully updated. And while typical Palm Beach hotels have small bathrooms (due to the older architecture) The Brazilian Court’s are large and even have large rainfall showers and soaking tubs. The one thing I am not a fan of here is the pool – definitely too small in my opinion.

  • The Chesterfield: The Chesterfield’s room are definitely cozier than the other hotels in the area, but that is what comes with hotels built in the 1920’s. However, I love their pool and they are home to one of my favorite restaurants on the Island – The Leopard Lounge. They also typically offer a great tea time if you’re interested in that. Regardless of if you stay here or not, I recommend visiting to eat! This is located at the far (west) end of Worth Avenue, the Brazilian is about in the middle, and The Colony is on the eastern end. Read my review for The Chesterfield here.

  • The Four Seasons: This is somewhere I’ve yet to stay, mainly because of the location. Don’t get me wrong, you can never go wrong with The Four Seasons in any city – but considering if you’re staying here you basically need a car, it is not first on my list to recommend. However, beautiful amenities, rooms, it is on the beach… lots of pros. And of course The Four Seasons always has great service!

  • The Breakers: When you think of Palm Beach, you probably think of The Breakers! Somehow I’ve gone all of these years without stay there before, but it is definitely on my to-stay list! One of the biggest mistakes people unfamiliar with the area make is thinking The Breakers is close to Worth Avenue. This is not true. You’d definitely want a car to efficiently get around if you’re staying here! But they have amazing amenities, including a private beach! Plus, overall it is a stunning resort.

  • The Ben West Palm: If you’re looking to stay off the Island, The Ben is definitely a location to consider! It is absolutely stunning and is a part of Marriott’s Autograph Collection. This is another place I want to stay sometime soon, but I’ve heard great things about it and every picture I’ve seen has been amazing. Just something to keep in mind: this is more in downtown West Palm. That being said, it is a much different feel than the Island. I personally wouldn’t recommend staying here with kids, as West Palm can definitely have more of a party atmosphere.

  • The Hilton Garden Inn West Palm Beach Airport: This is another great option for staying off the Island – and probably the most affordable option. We’ve stayed here quite a few times if we’re popping in for a day or two, or if our trip is booked last minute. We have had no complaints! You can be to the Island in about 10 minutes, and the airport is about 5 minutes away. It obviously doesn’t have the bells and whistles of the hotels on the Island, but if you aren’t planning on spending much time at your hotel, this is a great option!

Where To Eat

There are so many fabulous restaurants on the Island – and you truly can’t go wrong with any of them! I’m a creature of habit and it can be hard for me to stray from my favorite spots each time we go down. That being said, there are still many places I have yet to dine! But that’s just one reason to keep going back 😉 Below is just a handful of my favorite spots to dine on Palm Beach Island.

  • Surfside Diner: Formerly known as Hamburger Heaven, this is quintessential Palm Beach! It is probably one of the most casual dining spots you’ll find on the Island, making it perfect for breakfast or lunch (they are not open for dinner). We love walking over in some athleticwear and grabbing brunch, complete with a mimosa. This is within walking distance of Worth Avenue.

  • Field of Greens: This is definitely a newer spot on the Island and is located on Royal Poinciana Way (near Sprinkles if you’re familiar). This has been one of our favorite spots since discovering it in 2020. This is a local chain, which is so awesome. They serve salads, sandwiches, smoothies, juices, etc. My personal order is always the grilled chicken caesar salad wrap – I dream of it!

  • Pink Paradise Cafe: This is located off the lobby of The Colony. It is the perfect location to grab a light breakfast, coffee, or a light lunch. If you’re staying on-site, you can even get your lunch order delivered to the beach!

  • Piccolo Mondo: When I worked on the Avenue in college, this is a spot I frequently ordered from! Piccolo Mondo strictly serves lunch and doesn’t really have indoor seating. From what I know they do have some outdoor tables/chairs, but it is most common to call and get your order delivered to you! This is honestly so great – we typically call while poolside and get our lunch delivered to us. Not only is it convenient, but the prices are great as well!

  • Pura Vida: This is a spot located in West Palm and while I’ve never been myself (we meant to our last trip and ran out of time) I’ve heard great things! This is another south Florida chain and they serve tons of healthy options. Not to mention their aesthetic is unmatched.

  • Main Street by The Breakers: This was another new to us spot on our last trip! The Breakers recently opened this darling coffee shop/gift shop on Royal Poinciana Way. They have some light bites and sweet treats, so don’t expect to go here for a full meal. But it’s a great stop for pastries, coffee, and even ice cream. Plus their merchandise is adorable!

  • Lola 41: Located in the White Elephant Palm Beach (near Publix) – this is my favorite spot on the Island for Happy Hour! They have great sushi and fun frozen drinks. This is another hotel I’d love to stay in at some point as well.

  • LeBar a Vin: Another great spot for cocktails and light bites. This is within walking distance of Worth Avenue and the aesthetic is just unmatched.

  • Seafood Bar: Somehow this is another location I still haven’t dined at myself! I’ve peeked in, but never dined. This is located inside The Breakers and is known for their bar that doubles as an aquarium. Just another spot we often overlook due to sticking with old reliables. But I will say, we tried to go last May but security wouldn’t let us into the resort for some reason (which we’ve never had problems with before – we assumed there was a wedding or other large event going on). During our next trip I am vowing to go!

  • Pizza Al Fresco: Another must-do while in Palm Beach. I’m not gonna lie, it is not my personal favorite but it is a great spot that the whole family can enjoy. While you’re there, be sure to check out the grave of Johnnie Brown – a monkey that basically serves as Palm Beach’s mascot.

  • Ta-boo: This is one of the places to dine in Palm Beach. So much history has happened here, including the legend that the Bloody Mary was invented here. It is a great spot for dinner, happy hour, or even brunch on the weekends!

  • Bice: Another spot I have yet to dine myself (I feel like such a fake fan). But in my defense, I am a northern girl and I can’t eat pasta in 85 degree weather lol. But I have heard nothing but great things and hope to visit soon!

  • RH Rooftop Restaurant: You may see this restaurant if you drive onto the Island via Okeechobee Blvd. Restoration Hardware has a handful of restaurants and they are all just stunning! If you find yourself wanting to dine in West Palm this would be a beautiful option. Great food and great views!

  • Swifty’s: Another dining option at The Colony that is fabulous! The chefs at Swifty’s are the ones that actually catered our wedding. You really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, whether you’re dining inside or poolside.

  • Piccolo Gelato: Want to end the evening with a sweet treat and a stroll down Worth Avenue? Piccolo Gelato is the perfect place to stop! Delicious gelato with a scenic stroll.

  • Sprinkles: The most iconic place on the Island to get ice cream! So many celebrities have enjoyed ice cream here. Head in and check out the pictures on the wall to see familiar faces like Michael Jackson and more.

Where To Shop

You can’t go to Palm Beach and not do some retail therapy! Luckily there are so many great shops to be seen. I definitely will be highlighting some areas that are great for shopping overall – like Worth Avenue or The Royal [Poinciana Plaza] – but I also wanted to make sure to highlight some specific shops as well.

  • Worth Avenue: This is obviously a must-do when you head to Palm Beach! Whether you shop until you drop or just take a stroll, there is plenty to see and do. There are large luxury stores, locally owned antique stores, small boutiques, and so much more. And don’t forget to explore all of the Vias for the true Palm Beach experience. Below are just a handful of the fabulous shops on Worth Avenue – so be sure to do your own research on the Avenue’s website and find things that spark your interests.

    Coastal Girls Co.: This is one of the little boutiques located off of Worth in Via Bice. It is so darling and the owners are so nice! They really have a variety of pieces for every budget which is nice as well.

    Vineyard Vines: I had to put my former place of employment lol. Vineyard Vines on Worth offers exclusive t-shirts, sweaters, and more! So it is a great way to get something to commemorate your trip.

    Lilly Pulitzer: This is a must while in Palm Beach! The Worth Avenue store is so unique. While it isn’t the biggest Lilly store out there, it is beautiful and offers some exclusive experiences. Exclusively at the Worth Avenue store, you can design your own custom shift dress: pick from some exclusive prints, pick your length, and even your lace trims. Such a cool experience! This store also offers custom painted bag orders all the time (while other stores normally only offer these for exclusive events). Plus, there is even a cute bar and a water feature in the store – definitely unique.

    Stubbs and Wootton: Another Palm Beach staple is Stubbs and Wootton. Visit their storefront on Worth and check out their luxurious footwear. They are truly works of art!

    Kassatly’s: When visiting Worth Avenue, you need to check out the oldest store in Palm Beach – Kassatly’s. My Dad swears by their pajamas, but they offer luxurious linens and sleepwear for everyone in the family.

  • The Royal Poinciana Plaza: This is the more modern shopping destination on the Island. The Royal offers luxury shopping and dining from brands like Hermès, Saint Laurent, Sant Ambroeus, LoveShackFancy, and more. Plus, if you’re looking to attend a spinning or pilates class on your trip – this is your stop!

    Stoney Clover Lane: I am a huge Stoney Clover fan and while this shop is small, it is just so darling! It’s always fun going into stores you’ve only shopped online in the past. Plus, the Palm Beach store offers some exclusive patches and merchandise.

    Roller Rabbit: Roller Rabbit is my favorite place to shop loungewear and I was so thrilled when I found their store in Palm Beach.

    Marissa Collections: This store is extremely new to The Royal and is just beautiful. They’re a family owned store based out of Naples and they specialize in luxury goods. They have beautiful dresses, jewelry, and more.

    Assouline: If you’re a coffee table book fan like myself, you need to head into Assouline! You can buy their books in countless places around the world, but it is so special to go in and see everything in one spot.

  • Other Stores On the Island: These stores are not in The Royal or on Worth, but you should definitely check them out!

    C. Orrico: This was Lilly Pulitzer’s first ever signature store! Not only do they offer Lilly, but tons of other fun brands as well. If you visit be sure to speak with one of the Orrico sisters if they’re there. They’re so nice and have so many amazing stories (their Mom was best friends with Lilly Pulitzer!).

    Lifestyle So Chic: This was a new store for us last year but it is super cute! Tons of great clothes, accessories, home decor, etc. Located on the same block as C. Orrico so be sure to stop in!

    Main Street by The Breakers: I know I mentioned this in the area regarding restaurants – but I can’t stress enough how cute the products they have are! So many fun hosting accessories and home items.

  • Stores In West Palm

    HIVE: I unfortunately haven’t gotten to stop here myself yet. But once we buy a home I will definitely be heading in! This is a great stop for home decor, gifts, and more!

    Solid & Striped: I love shopping Solid & Striped online so I was thrilled when I saw they opened a store in The Square! I love their swimwear; it is such great quality and super cute.

  • Stores In Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Juno Beach, and Delray Beach

    Lilly Pulitzer at The Gardens Mall: While I definitely recommend stopping by the Worth Avenue store, that location is definitely designed to be pretty rather than have a lot of merchandise. However, if you go about 20 minutes north on I-95, you’ll find The Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens. They have probably the biggest Lilly Pulitzer store I’ve personally ever seen, and great inventory! The rest of the mall is very nice as well and definitely worth checking out.

    Gretchen Scott in Jupiter: Gretchen Scott can be found at a variety of boutiques, but I recommend heading to their store in Jupiter. They have beautiful items made with extremely comfortable fabrics.

    Snappy Turtle in Delray Beach: 30 minutes south of Palm Beach is Delray Beach – a lively area filled with shops, restaurants, and more. Snappy Turtle has amazing maximalist finds and my personal favorite items are from their in-house brand, Mary Marshmallow.

    Palm Beach Sandals in Juno Beach: These are my go-to sandals and I highly recommend them! All of the shoes are made locally and are the most amazing quality.


While of course you can head to the beach or to your resort’s pool, I just wanted to include a few other activities in the surrounding area you may want to check out during your stay. Also, check with your hotel to see if they offer complimentary bikes or bike rentals! It is a great activity and a great mode of transportation.

  • Flagler Museum: Located on Palm Beach Island is the historic home of oil tycoon Henry Flagler. The site is now a beautiful museum and there is a ton to see. It is definitely worth visiting, especially if you want to learn some history about Palm Beach.

  • Society of the Four Arts: This is a great spot on the Island that has a variety of activities available. They have botanical gardens, art exhibitions, and even special events.

  • Loggerhead Marinelife Center: This is something I definitely recommend making the trip to if you have a car! While you’ll need to take about a 30 minute car ride to Juno Beach, it is definitely worth it. At Loggerhead you can learn about local marine life and learn how this center houses and rehabilitates turtles. You can see the turtles in person that are currently in rehabilitation and talk with local volunteers and experts. This is especially a great activity if you have kids, but I recommend everyone goes at least once. It is free, but you are welcome to donate while you’re there. And they have a great gift shop that even offers items from Caloosa Waterwear.

  • Lighthouse Cove Adventure Golf: If you’re in Juno Beach you’re super close to Jupiter, and I recommend checking out Lighthouse Cove Adventure Golf if you’re up for more of a kitschy fun activity. This is genuinely one of the nicest mini golf courses I’ve ever been to. It’s not super touristy; they have two courses, an ice cream stand, plus a full service restaurant. A great activity for after the sun sets, especially if you have kids. Also, Jupiter has beautiful public beaches (personally, I think they are taken care of better than the Island’s) – so you may want to consider a beach day here.

  • Palm Yachts: If you’re wanting to set sail on a small private picnic boat, check out Palm Yachts! They have pick-up/drop-off locations in Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and Jupiter.

  • Sailfish Marina: If you’re looking for charters to Peanut Island or other sightseeing tours, Sailfish Marina may be a good option for you! They offer a variety of time options 7 days a week, and reasonable prices.

  • The Breakers Spa: If you’re looking to stay on land and relax a bit, consider a day at the spa. The Breakers has stellar services and countless spa treatments.

  • Palm Beach Zoo: This is another great activity if you have kids with you. I’ve heard nothing but great things about this zoo, and it is only 10 minutes from Worth Avenue.