Hey y’all! I know it has been months since I wrote a blog. Things have been absolutely crazy with moving this summer, then going to California for over a week. Plus we’ve been spending more time on our YouTube & Instagram. PLUS, school started a month ago for me. Needless to say, I can’t do it all lol. I would possibly like to get more into blogging, but I’ve said that multiple times over the past few years and here we are lol. I figured this would be a fun blog to write and you may be interested in it. I love seeing hauls, especially from Lilly! Thanks for bearing with me!

I can’t believe the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is already over! There were so many great deals and found some things I’ve really been wanting. I’m going to put pictures of each item that I purchased as well as the size, original price, and the price I paid. Feel free to leave a comment with questions or concerns!

In Store Purchases

Ocean View Short – Feelin’ Beachy – Originally $54 Paid $29 – Size S

I love these because they are the only shorts Lilly sells that fit my hips and thighs. With their other shorts for me it is one or the other.

Margarete Cover Up – Celestial Seas – Originally $118 Paid $59 – Size S

Had to get this since I got Grant the matching swim trunks. Unfortunately the matching women’s swim suits didn’t fit me well. But this cover up is swimsuit material and can totally be worn as one if you wear swim bottoms.

Men’s Capri Trunk – Celestial Seas – Originally $88 Paid $39 – Size M

Grant was pretty in between sizes on the S & M. He decided to get the bigger of the two. He wears 30×34 pants.

Colene Sweater – Paradise Tint Heather – Originally $128 Paid $44 – Size S

I really wanted to get at least one sweater during the sale! We’ll be visiting family up in PA this fall and winter so warmer pieces are a must! Also loved the color, style, and price!

Finn Tee – On Parade Graphic – Originally $68 Paid $29 – Size S

 I have been wanting a Finn Tee for so long! I love spirit jerseys but these are so much better because of how soft they are. Perfect for traveling or lounging. I highly recommend getting one.

Easton Dress – Cracked Up – Original $168 Paid $59 – Size 2

I’ve been dying for an Easton dress since they came out! I was torn between On Parade and All Cracked Up but when I saw ACU was $20 cheaper in the sale. my decision was made lol. Did I mention it has pockets?

Short Sleeve Marlowe Dress – On A Roll Engineered – Originally $108 Paid $49 – Size S

This was a last minute decision, but I am so glad I got it! I didn’t even try it on lol. I have already worn it once and I am obsessed with anything blue and white or anything with lobsters and crabs.

UPF 50+ Meryl Nylon Avida – Mermaids Cove – Original $68 Paid $24 – Size S

I am totally in love with anything Mermaid’s Cove. This top was a STEAL! Anything athletic wear is always super expensive, Lilly or not, so $24 is nothing. But can we talk about how mad I am over the fact that I have no self control and a week ago I bought the Mermaid Cove leggings for $79 then they were on sale for $59 🙂

Earbuds – Let’s Cha Cha – Originally $20 Paid $9

I always loose ear buds so why not?

Lilly Pulitzer Sugarfina – Mermaid’s Cove & Pink Colony Originally $30 Paid $5

Literally just bought these to reuse the boxes. The Lilly’s Butterflies were the only candy in them I liked lol.

Online Purchases

Men’s Beaumont Short – Guac and Roll – Originally $98 Paid $39 – Size 32″

I have been wanting these for Grant since they came out! Couldn’t say no at that price. We couldn’t remember his exact size in the Lilly Shorts, we just knew that they ran small. We got the 32″ in hopes that they will either fit or be too big. Remember you can always get stuff taken in!

Mila Shift Dress – Guac and Roll – Originally $178 Paid $69 – Size 4

Did you really think I wouldn’t get something to match him? But I really do love this dress and this print!

Men’ Beaumont Short – Salt in the Air – Originally $98 Paid $34 – Size 32″

Again, couldn’t pass up such good deals on these shorts!

Madison Skort – Salt in the Air – Originally $78 Paid $34 – Size XS

So I accidentally bought this in a S but realized after that I wear an XS in the Madison Skort… So I went and bought and XS. If you’re interested in buying the S off of me for the price I paid plus shipping let me know lol. Not a big fan of the print, but wanted to match Grant so…

Finn Tee – Mermaid’s Cove Graphic – Originally $68 Paid $29 – Size S

I didn’t see them in my store but really wanted one to match my leggings. So happy I found it!

Ocean View Short – Light Pascha Pink Aquadesiac – Originally $54 Paid $29 – Size S

Again, LOVE these shorts!

Well, that’s everything! Definitely spent more than I should’ve… But I did spend less than last year lol. I would love to see or hear about your findings during the APS. Leave me a comment or tag me on Instagram, @TheNorthernPrepster

xoxo Jayme

DISCLAIMER: None of the photos featured are mine.