Hey y’all! This is a friendly reminder that there are only a few days left to enter my giveaway!

I recently made a post on my Instagram that offers more ways to enter and get entries. You can check it out HERE! For ways to enter here on my site you can check out my original giveaway post HERE. I will be announcing the giveaway winner both here on my blog and on Instagram Sunday, December 2nd.

I also wanted to show you all of the prizes one lucky winner will be receiving! I hope that whoever wins will keep some goodies for themselves as well as gift some this Holiday season.


I made sure to cover the 3 categories from my gift guide posts in my giveaway. So you’ll notice items geared toward Preppy Ladies, Guys, and Disney Lovers! While anyone can enjoy any items they want, I just wanted to cover all of my bases.

For Preppy Ladies I included Lilly Pulitzer earbuds, a pack of fun novelty tissues, two Lilly Pulitzer scrunchies from @Beauticked, and a set of gold bamboo bangles, perfect to wear with Lilly!

For Guys I included a 2 pack of camp socks, one has bears on it and the other is just solid brown/black (I want these for myself tbh). A car vent phone mount, which I raved about in my gift guide! And my favorite, a 2 pack of Candy Cane flavored Chapstick.

Finally, for Disney lovers I included the Mickey’s 90th buffalo plaid socks from Forever 21. I also have a Minnie Mouse keyring, and a set of Vinylmation Jr.’s.


So those are the prizes for my giveaway! I hope to do another once my Instagram reaches 1500 followers, so make sure you tell your friends to follow! Comment below want you would like to see me give away next. It will get you 2 entries into my current giveaway 😉

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Jayme