Hey y’all! I am always getting questions on my shoes. Whether it’s where I got them, if they’re comfortable, etc. So I figured I’d write a blog post telling you all about my favorites! We go to Disney multiple times a week which means lots of walking. I’ll be sure to include if I consider a pair “Disney-friendly” 😉

Let’s get into it!

P.S. These are in no particular order.


1. Sanuks – These are my favorite sandals for a long day in the Disney parks. Overall, Sanuk has some amazing shoes, but the yoga sling are my personal favorite. The sole is literally made of a yoga mat, so you get a great cushion! The only thing I don’t like about them is wearing them in the rain. But other than that they’re comfortable, affordable, and come in every color imaginable! Also, if you live in the Orlando area there is a Sanuk store at Disney Springs, and they give an Annual Passholder discount.

2. Charleston Shoe Co. – I discovered this brand during my time living in Palm Beach. I honestly sometimes forget about them because I only have one pair, and they’re black. But I really should get a navy or linen pair. They have tons of styles, all equally comfortable! Not gonna lie, at first sight they aren’t the cutest. But they offer a ton of style and color options. I’m not even kidding, I can wear these in Disney and my feet don’t hurt a bit, despite them having a small heel.  They’re a great dressy shoe that are also comfortable. They are pricey but they’re worth it considering they’re machine washable! If you’re going to invest in a pair of shoes, they might as well be comfortable. You can also buy them from Amazon, there just aren’t as many color options.

3. Glitter Joggers – Another one of my favorites to wear to Disney Parks! I always get compliments on these, I actually have 4 pairs. And no joke, they’re surprisingly comfortable! I get shin splints really easily and I’ve never had any issues with these joggers. I purchased all of mine from Prep Obsessed, but it seems like they either don’t sell them anymore or they don’t currently have them on their site. But you can also buy them on Amazon or from Bibbidi Bobbidi Bling. I had to size up from a 9 to a 10 in the pairs from Prep Obsessed.

4. Birkenstocks – I know, I know… There are kinda a hype around these and they’re expensive. And not gonna lie, the only reason I own a pair is because I found them new for $30. But y’all, they are incredibly comfortable! These pink rubber ones are on my list, and only $40, perfect to go with Lilly! The ones pictured aren’t the exact ones I have, but I don’t think they sell that style anymore.

5. Brooks – I am always getting questions about what running shoes I wear. These are them, Brooks Ghosts! If there’s one suggestion I can give new runners it is, invest in good shoes! I promise it’ll make the world of a difference and it will protect your body from injury. I learned that the hard way. I was taught by some running experts that Nike is the worst brand of shoe to run in since their inner shoe has no cushion and is all plastic. I literally fractured my leg due to running in Nike. So save yourself for being in a boot for 4 months and invest lol. I also highly recommend going to your local running store and getting fitted for a shoe. Those guys know their stuff and can help you make the best decision for your body!

6. Jack Rogers – Not gonna lie, the “normal” Jack Rogers are probably some of the most uncomfortable shoes I’ve worn in my life. Do I still wear them? Yes. Do I always regret it? Yes. However, the Jack Rogers Georgica Jelly sandal is more comfortable. Still don’t recommend wearing them if you’re going to walk a lot, but they’re definitely more wearable than regular Jacks. Just my opinion. These ones are also much cheaper!


There you have it! If y’all have any questions about any of these feel free to comment below or shoot me a DM on my Instagram, @TheNorthernPrepster. Also if you have any shoe recommendations let me know in the comments. I’m always looking for new brands and styles!

Thanks for reading!