Hey y’all! A few days ago I asked y’all on Instagram about the content you would want to see from me. I got a ton of requests for affordable fashion! I always love finding a good deal on clothes and accessories, and love trying to find coupon codes, sales, or dupes of pieces I have my eye on. So today I wanted to share with y’all 5 dupes on some popular items for Spring and Summer! Let’s get into it!

Gingham Dress

Gingham is one of my favorite patterns! When I saw this dress I fell in love. However, at $178 I wasn’t planning to make the splurge. That same week I walked into a J.Crew Factory and saw the dress shown below for a fraction of the cost! Now, J.Crew is ALWAYS having sales and coupons on their website and in store. At the time of writing this post the dress is only $35. If you shop in store and are a current student, bring your school ID to get an ADDITIONAL 15% off! I think I ended up paying around $30 for this dress.

H Sandals

Chances are you’ve probably seen these on every fashion blogger. There are TONS of dupes for these Hermes sandals pictured above. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have $650 for shoes… I found a dupe at Walmart for under $8… I’ll admit they aren’t the best dupes I’ve seen, and honestly the website pictures do them no justice lol. But considering no matter where you get them from they’ll probably only last through the summer, there’s no need to spend more. I’ll also include the Target version HERE as well, since they honestly look a bit more realistic. Target ones shown below.

Bamboo Purse

Bamboo purses are so in this year! Y’all already know I am on the front seat of that bandwagon lol. It’s crazy how expensive brand name bamboo bags can be. The one above is from Nordstrom and costs over $100. The one below is from Amazon and is under $30.

Bow Earrings 


Y’all know I love some large and in charge earrings! However, unless it’s something REALLY special, I don’t spend much. I saw the darling bow earrings above, listed for $48. I found the ones shown below on Etsy for only $8… Yeah, $8. In that case, I’ll take a pair in every color 😉

Statement Sunglasses

I am not one to spend next to anything on sunglasses. My limit is about $15 because I tend to lose them, break them, or get sunscreen caked on them throughout the summer. Lately these Gucci sunglasses have been super popular, and I’ve seen these ones as well. I personally wouldn’t wear them day-to-day, but they’re definitely a fun look! Elton John definitely approves. However, these cost over $1,000… Target has a dupe for only $15, shown below. Now if you lose them in the ocean you won’t cry lol. Another great dupe with pink lenses can be found here on Amazon.

There you have it y’all! I hope this post helped you out in one way or another. There are so many great ways to get the look you want to achieve without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars. If you’d like me to do a post like this again, let me know in the comments or connect with me on social media (@TheNorthernPrepster).

Thanks for reading!


Disclaimer: I do not take credit for any photos used. All photos were received from the links given. Affiliate links are included in this blog and I may be paid commission when items are purchased through the link.