Hey everyone! Welcome back to my blog! Last week I took a break from this series, but I’m back with another installment. Today I am going to be covering some trendy shoes for the fall season. I absolutely love fall fashion, and I think footwear is a huge part of my love for it. I love dark, bold colors and fun prints, and who doesn’t love a good boot?

For this post I am going to be going in order of price point, starting with more affordable options and ending with a few splurge items. Let’s get into today’s finds!

Canvas Shoe from Walmart

This first pair is great for the leopard trend this fall! These easy canvas scrunch back shoes are from Walmart. They’re under $10 and come in a few different colors, including camo. I personally bought these in this leopard print and I won’t lie, they aren’t the best quality and wouldn’t be prime in the rain. BUT, they’re $9 shoes from Walmart… You can’t really expect more than a season out of them.

Sneaker from Walmart

Walmart is really stepping up their shoe game, y’all! These super cute sneakers are only $16.98 and can pass for a neutral with the subtle leopard stripe detail on the side. I almost got these, but decided not to… Not gonna lie, I’m really considering going back for them. These have a super thick sole and will hold up much better than the ones above! These also come in half sizes unlike the ones before.

Mules from Target

I got myself a pair of these from Target 2 years ago and I am still obsessed! These are obviously a Gucci dupe, but they’re so versatile. I really need to get myself a new pair since mine have seen better days. But these can easily be dressed up or down and can easily transition into winter as well. Plus, they’re under $23.

Heeled Booties from Amazon

A few years ago I bought a pair of small heeled booties just like this. These are perfect to elevate an outfit! Even a simple jean and tee can look more dressed up with a pair of these. I also love that this pair comes in black, brown, or gray so there’s really something for everyone. Plus they’re super affordable and range from $29.99-$32.99.

Bean Boots from L.L.Bean

This final item is definitely a splurge and can’t be worn until that cold weather hits. But, they’re perfect for both fall and winter. I will admit, they aren’t everyone’s style; in fact, I didn’t like them until I got my pair 5 years ago. But they can be a great preppy staple and they are sure to hold up for YEARS. I personally have the brown 6″, but there are tons of color options, height options, and even insulation options on L.L.Bean’s website. The tread on them are amazing, making them practical as well. They range in price, but start around $100. Let me assure you they are an item you won’t regret investing in, especially if you live somewhere where it snows.

I hope y’all enjoyed this little shoe post! I’ve been loving sharing my fall finds with y’all. Feel free to leave a comment below on your fall shoe recommendations, or if you have one of these pairs yourself.

Thanks for reading!


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. This post includes affiliate links and I may be compensated when items are purchased through those links. All opinions are my own.