Hey y’all! Recently, I asked y’all on my Instagram what kind of posts you’d want to see more of. I’ve received an overwhelming response for more makeup and beauty posts. Since I always get compliments on my skin, I wanted to share my skincare routine with y’all!

Now, I’ve never necessarily been “acne prone.” But I do get a few zits here and there, and the main thing I “struggle” with is blackheads, mostly around my nose. I have super oily skin; as I’ve gotten older, it’s (thankfully) improved, but my skin is not dry by any means. Needless to say, I am super lucky and generally my skin is clear, but I do think a lot of my habits play a role in my nice skin as well.

1. Hydrate

I know this is such a typical answer, but I really do think it works! I chug water – I’m talking around 90 ounces or so a day. If nothing else, it keeps my skin hydrated and body in balance. If it happens to clear up my skin as well, that’s a bonus!

2. Shower After Working Out

This may be completely obvious to some people! But I think we’ve all been there when we come back from the gym and we either get distracted or are too exhausted to immediately shower. I have gotten a lot better at this lately and I’ve seen a huge difference in not only my face but my chest, back, and neck. I wouldn’t say I have “bacne,” but I do occasionally get larger zits on my back, neck, and hairline. My chest also gets blackheads every once in a while. Showering as soon as I get home from the gym has essentially eliminated that problem.

3. Wash Off Your Makeup Before Bed

See, for me this is a no brainer. Some people don’t do this, and it makes me cringe a little lol. I can honestly say I have never once fallen asleep (overnight) with makeup on in my life. My skincare routine is fairly simple. I use a Makeup Eraser (reuseable towel) to take off my makeup – I highly recommend these (they’re machine washable, last a few years, and actually work).

4. Go To An Esthetician

This summer, I went to an esthetician for the first time ever! I now make it part of my self-care routine. I try to go once a month, sometimes every month and a half or so. I can honestly say it has made a drastic difference in my skin! I personally go to Marvelous Mrs. Megan here in Orlando – located in Dr. Phillips, but I would do your research on a good option in your area. I’ve personally gotten dermaplaning as well as hydrodermabrasion and they’ve both been amazing! Plus, estheticians have so much knowledge and can share what they think is best for your skin and what you want to focus on (wrinkles, black heads, etc). It’s definitely an investment but you only have one set of skin – treat it well!

5. Develop A Skincare Routine

It is so important to find a skincare routine that works for you! Sometimes that means trying out some different products, or even consulting with your dermatologist to find a good fit. Make sure to be aware of what products you’re currently using. If you’re trying too many new things at once you may not even realize which one isn’t jiving with your skin! I use TULA face cleanser (love this!), boscia cactus water moisturizerCOOLA makeup setting spray for my sunscreen (only in the morning), and Dr. Brandt Needles No More No More Baggage under-eye cream.


I hope y’all enjoyed this little post! Let me know your favorite skincare items down below. And as always, feel free to ask any questions!

Thanks for reading!



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