This week was one that I thought would be super chill, and I even believed I would have time to get ahead on some blog posts. I was mistaken lol. The first half of this week was easy breezy, but yesterday was a not so good day to be honest. I honestly was somewhat struggling to think of 5 weekly notables, but I know I’d be more satisfied with my week if I shared some of it with y’all. Thank you for being here to read and be a part of my creative outlet, whether my day has been good or bad.

Bridesmaid Dresses

I finally ordered my bridesmaids’ dresses lol. I know I have quite a bit of time until my wedding, but I knew these were the dresses I wanted for my big day. If you’ve read my Wedding Planning Diaries or follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen them. But if you haven’t seen the dress, you can check it out in this blog post or on this link. I’ve had these dresses picked out for months, but I wanted to see if they would go on sale while still being able to get all the sizes I needed. I panicked when a size 16 was out of stock on Lilly’s site earlier this month, but thankfully they restocked. We ended up scoring them on sale for $199 each thanks to Pink Narcissus Tallahassee! We were also able to use our $20 off coupons, and after shipping we got them for $186 per dress. I would say that is awesome considering they were originally $278.

My Parents Visiting

My parents are currently in Palm Beach for a gala (they got their Wednesday and are staying until Monday morning), but they decided to fly out of Orlando to spend some time with us! So we’ll be meeting them in Vero Beach for one night on Monday, then heading to the Grand Floridian at Disney on Tuesday, and Wednesday evening they fly back to Pittsburgh. It’s a short amount of time that we’ll get to see them, but I’m excited to talk to them about wedding details and spend some time with them! My mini vacation has definitely been a motivator for me this week lol.

Kendra Scott Necklace

I don’t think I will ever get over this necklace lol. This dainty heart piece from Kendra Scott is just too cute! I included it on my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide and bought one for myself haha. I even bought an extra for a lucky winner! I’m giving away the (currently) sold out Ivory Mother of Pearl with Silver hardware Ari Necklace (show in the featured image) on my Instagram. The giveaway is going live sometime today, so be sure to follow me and turn on post notifications to be notified when it is live!


Do any of you watch Riverdale on the CW? We are two episodes into the second half of season 4 and honestly there haven’t been any major plot twists… yet. I’ve been watching Riverdale religiously on TV since season 1 and nothing surprises me anymore. And sometimes the plot holes and dialogue are so bad it’s kinda like a car crash that you can’t look away from. If you love to laugh about how ridiculous Riverdale is, I suggest reading these posts from Buzzfeed. I’m excited to watch the premiere of spin-off show Katy Keene next week! Fingers crossed it’s as good as Riverdale.

Kobe & Gianna Bryant’s Passing

Obviously I did not know Kobe Bryant or his daughter Gianna personally, and I am truly not even a basketball fan. However, I can’t seem to get rid of the sick feeling in my stomach this week each time I am reminded of that accident. I think it was a great reminder to everyone to live life to the fullest, and be sure to hug your loved ones tight each and every day. We truly never know when God will call us home.