So I didn’t do a formal “What I Got For Christmas” YouTube video like I did last year. But that’s because y’all voted for me to do it on IGTV, so you can watch that here if you’d like.

Since I didn’t do a formal video, I wanted to share a few of my favorite items I got with y’all! I didn’t ask for anything this year, so needless to say I had a very surprising Christmas. I feel so blessed and I’m so excited to enjoy all of these items. 

Tory Burch Miller Boots

Grant totally caught me off guard with these boots! I’ve wanted a nice pair of boots for so long, and I just love these and will definitely get good use out of them. I got this dark brown “corvino” color with gold hardware. I love how dark the brown is; in person it looks even darker. A great wardrobe staple I’ll enjoy for years!

Mickey Waffle Maker

My parents got this for Grant and I and we were so excited! We had wanted this for months but it is a bit of an unnecessary splurge for us to buy. We’ve already used it and it works great. Before receiving it I was unaware that it is actually double-sided, so you can make 6 waffles at a time instead of 3. And yes, it makes the exact same shape of waffles that they sell at the Disney parks!

HP Sprocket Photo Printer

I was so surprised to open this on Christmas morning! I’ve wanted one of these for at least three years now, but they aren’t super cheap and it was something I’d have to use constantly to justify buying. I have an Instax camera that prints instantly, but this is more convenient and the paper is more affordable. You download an app and print photos directly from your phone! You can even edit the photos in the app. Paper is $35 for 100 sheets and no ink is required. So excited to try this out!

Kylie Holiday Try It Kit

I got this from my sister and I have already been using it and loving it! It came with a duo eyeshadow and some full-sized products including blush, lip liner, a liquid lip, and a lipstick. I was nervous that the blush color would be too light for me, but it’s a gorgeous peach color that I love. And the lipstick is the perfect shade for me – it’s legit the color of my lips so it’s great for a natural look. I rarely buy makeup for myself, so I love receiving it and trying out new things!

Evelyn Henson Wall Calendar

If you don’t already follow Evelyn Henson on Instagram, you need to! Her art is just gorgeous and I love her aesthetic and style. Grant got me one of her wall calendars for Christmas and I’m excited to enjoy a new piece of her art every day. Story time: I hung up the calendar on January 1st. A few hours later it fell and conveniently landed in a wax melter and got blue wax all over it. I posted it on my story because y’all love seeing me screw up (lol jk… kinda). But Evelyn DMed me on Instagram and offered to send me a new one! So if her beautiful art wasn’t enough, follow & support her for her beautiful soul!


I hope y’all enjoyed seeing a glimpse of what I am thankful for this holiday season! Cheers 🙂