Happy New Year!

December went by in a flash and life has been just a little bit crazy… I feel like I have so much to share that has happened over the last month, but I will be doing a life update sometime soon (maybe as my 23rd birthday post).

But I am back and I am so excited to share some amazing news with y’all! I know many of y’all were curious what was next for us since we had to cancel our Disney wedding. If you didn’t get that update, check out this post. It still makes me a little sad when I reflect on the change, but I know in the end we will be much happier and things are already going much smoother.

Many of you guessed it already, but our new wedding location is…

The Colony Palm Beach!

This really was a no-brainer for us, and we are so happy everything has worked out thus far in our favor. We also briefly pitched the ideas of the Four Seasons (Palm Beach), The Breakers (Palm Beach), as well as Oxford Exchange (Tampa). But, The Colony was our number one choice (or second choice, depending on how you look at it), and we are so happy they could accommodate us on such short notice.

Now, we did end up having to switch some things around, but overall things are still working out beautifully. We are now getting married on May 9th rather than May 4th, but the bridal party and my family are still going to Disney World for a portion of the dates we previously had booked. This will serve as a “bachelor/bachelorette” trip – plus we already had accommodations booked at The Grand Floridian and I really did not want to cancel. So we’ll be vacationing at Disney May 1 – May 6 before driving down to Palm Beach. I love that this is a way we can still have Disney be a part of our wedding week, even though we won’t be getting married there.

Previously, we had a brunch reception with Disney, and now we will be having a dinner reception. This was completely our choice; The Colony offers both brunch and dinner wedding receptions. But we decided on dinner since The Colony’s menu is second to none!

Unfortunately, we had to book a new photographer with our date change. But, our new photographer is fabulous and we can’t wait to work with her! She is an expert on weddings the area and she has done a lot of work at The Colony. Needless to say we are thrilled to have her be a part of our day – maybe I’ll share more information on her soon.

A new wedding means new invitations! I guess the hours I put into hand-made invitations months ago essentially means nothing now lol. But I am so excited for our new invites. We are working with a very talented artist and I can’t wait to show you guys the final result – it is going to be amazing!

Overall, we have been blown away with how helpful, responsive, and just amazing The Colony has been (as per usual). We know our day will be important and special to everyone there (staff and guests), rather than us just being another number. I will definitely share more about our new day in the coming months. The Colony had a decent selection of “venues” within their hotel to choose from for both ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception, so I will be sharing soon what we picked and why!

Let me know if you have any questions about our wedding or The Colony down below. I’d love to do another wedding Q&A sometime soon! Thanks for reading!