Last week I published a post about 10 advent calendars for adults that you can find this year. Today I am sharing some of my favorite holiday advent calendars for kids!

Obviously, it is more traditional for a child to get an advent calendar, but for this post, I wanted to find some that weren’t just chocolate or LEGO. Let’s find something more unique!

1. Disney Minnie Mouse Advent Calendar

This advent calendar is so unique and it is exclusive to Amazon! It comes with a Minnie Mouse fashion doll, and each day you open a new clothing piece or accessory for Minnie to style. So fun for the Disney-loving girly girl!

2. Thomas & Friends Minis Advent Calendar

I can’t tell if Thomas is making a comeback or if I just have a 3-year-old nephew (haha). But this fun advent calendar has kids open a new mini train engine each day! The fun part is that some of the engines are even holiday-themed.

3. Playmobil Christmas Manger Advent Calendar

Playmobil typically offers a play nativity manger scene – but this one on their website is a similar idea in an advent format. Playmobil also offers other themed advent calendars like horse and farm sets.

4. Disney Pixar Cars Mini Racers Advent Calendar Set

This is such a fun set for kiddos who are a fan of the Cars franchise. Each day you’ll unbox different cars, accessories, and pieces of track to create your own mini Christmastime Radiator Springs!

5. Rubber Duck Advent Calendar

This is such a cute little set for kids who love rubber ducks! Each day they open a new one, and some ducks are even holiday-themed.

6. Disney Princess Storybook Collection

My nephew got one of these a few years ago in a Disney Classics version. This is a great one for kids who love books or are starting to read.

7. Matchbox Advent Calendar

Another great one for car lovers! Get a series of classic Matchbox cars along with some accessories each day leading up to Christmas.

8. Polly Pocket Advent Calendar

Have you heard that Polly Pocket is making a comeback? Just be aware before purchasing this – these are back to the ’80s-’90s style of Polly Pockets, meaning they are a choking hazard! So be mindful of the age group you purchase for.

9. 12 Days of DIY Ornaments

I would have loved this as a kid! For the kid who loves art, loves to craft, do DIYs, etc. – this is for them. It comes with 12 porcelain ornaments and six markers to decorate them.

10. Barbie Color Reveal Advent Calendar

Have y’all seen these color reveal Barbie dolls that have come out the past few years? They are so neat! You put it in water to reveal its skin tone, eye color, and hair color. Plus, this advent set comes with tons of fun clothes and accessories for the doll.


I hope you all enjoyed these 10 advent calendars for kids! If you’d like more inspiration, check out these posts from years past. Let me know down below if one of these would be perfect for the kiddos in your life.