Charcuterie boards and snack boards are some of the easiest ways to feed the masses at parties, events, and so much more! Football season is here, and whether you’re cheering on an NFL team, a collegiate team, or your favorite kiddo – these are some ways your snack board can show some team spirit.

1. Paper Mache Letters and Numbers

I saw this hack originally on TikTok: a lady was creating a board for her husband’s birthday party and used the numbers of his age to create the perfect centerpiece for the board. All you need to do is lay the letter/number flat, *carefully* use an X-Acto knife to cut the top part off, and clean up the edges to your liking. To get more than one use out of them, be sure to lay wax paper in the bottoms and on the sides so moisture doesn’t get stuck in the sides. The possibilities are truly endless with this trick. I used a PSU for Penn State University, but you can use a player’s number, spell out a team name, use an area code like “412” for a Pittsburgh team, etc!

2. Team Colors

Obviously, you can utilize your team colors on the board! You can do this a few ways. For example, use a dash of food dye 0r use candy melts (like I did for the rice treats and cookies). Swing by Party City or check out Amazon to snag some candy repping your team colors. Or play into colors more naturally, like serving yellow tortilla chips and black bean dip for a Steeler’s game. I served blue sour patch kids, blue corn tortilla chips, and acai yogurt snacks for this white and blue Penn State board. Plus, I threw in some tan/brown to represent football.

3. Serve A Themed Drink

Alcoholic or not, get creative with the drinks you serve! This may mean a local beer with NFL packaging, or even a DIY mixed drink like mine. To represent Penn State, I made a little blueberry sparkling lemonade by using Trader Joe’s blueberry juice and Trader Joe’s sparkling lemonade. Feel free to add vodka for those of age 😉 Not going to lie, it ended up more purple than blue – but it is the thought that counts! Add a fun, themed straw for some extra flair.

4. Accessorize

Just like with an outfit, accessories can make or break your board! Get themed plates and napkins – you can find solid colors at Dollar Tree, Target, or Party City – or find licensed ones via Amazon, Walmart, or local grocery stores. Acrylic Sticks has a small selection of themed stir sticks for collegiate teams, but they also have plain football stir sticks. These would be a fun addition to drinks, or to even stick them throughout the board in cheese and dips for some fun theming! You can even use pieces like cupcake toppers to use throughout the board – or DIY little pendant flag ones like I did with toothpicks, construction paper, and markers.

5. Add Local Flavors

What’s your favorite team without the city it calls home? Add some local flavor to your board! This may mean shopping with local markets and farms to get local produce, honey, and dips. Or maybe stop at a local bakery to get their signature cookie or cupcake. Which brands are your city known for? For a Steelers board, I may grab some black and gold Smiley cookies from Eat’n Park and perhaps add some Heinz mustard to accompany cheese and crackers. Maybe create a Penn State Sundae board with Berkey Creamery ice cream for Saturday football – the possibilities are endless!


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