If you’ve been here a while you’ll know Sarah Flint shoes are my go-to footwear brand! I’ve loved working with them for over a year now and my love has only grown for the brand over that time. While we are in the heat of summer – no pun intended – I wanted to share my must-have Sarah Flint shoes for the summer. Despite is being the end of July – we still have lots of summer left! And these shoes transition to other seasons beautifully.

As always, you can use my code SARAHFLINT-BAJAYMEK for $50 off your first pair of shoes. Happy shopping!

The Grear Sandal

This is a sandal I’ve had in my closet for a few months but really just started wearing. It is super comfortable and stays on better than any other gladiator sandal I’ve ever worn! You can currently get this shoe in 5 different colors – and in my opinion the saddle and black would be perfect to transition into fall later on.

The Mirjana Wedge

Hands down this has been my favorite shoe for the summer! This wedge is so comfortable and comes in two heights – 50mm and 80mm (I prefer the 50) – and across those two heights it comes in 5 colors. I think this shoe is great to dress up or down. You can also get these in a standard sandal – without the wedge.

Perfect Block Sandal

The Perfect Block Sandal is perfect for a summer event like a party or wedding. There are a few different heel heights available – 30mm, 60mm, and 90mm – so there is something for everyone! There are also tons of colors to choose from, and as always they’re super comfortable thanks to the wide toe box and arch support that Sarah Flint is known for.

Natalie Sling

Looking for a new summer shoe for the office? I have been loving the Natalie Sling! I am not the biggest heel girl – hence my love for the block sandal and wedges – so flats are my best friend. The Natalie Sling brings a fun flair to your typical flat and can be worn in spring, summer, or fall.


I hope you all enjoyed this post featuring my favorite Sarah Flint shoes for summer! Don’t forget you can use my discount code SARAHFLINT-BAJAYMEK for $50 your first pair of shoes. And be sure to subscribe to my email list below to be notified the next time I post.