Some of the top questions I get each year when it comes to gift guides are, “what do I get my parents?”, “what do I get my in-laws?” etc. Fear not! I have the gift guide just for you. Parents rarely ask for anything specific so it can be challenging knowing what to get them. Hopefully this will get your wheels turning!

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Millennials vs. Boomers Trivia Game – $18

If your family loves game night – or if you want to stir the pot – this would be such a funny game to gift! I’m definitely considering grabbing it for my overly competitive family.

Warmies Slippers – $22

Warmies are a great and affordable gift! These slippers are weighted and able to be microwaved to provide therapeutic heat on their feet – or you can put them in a freezer for cooling relief. Plus they’re infused with lavender for an extra layer of relaxation.

Coffee Subscription – $24/month

Bean Box is a coffee subscription that can be customized to your preferences – or get adventurous with the curator’s choice! Subscription boxes are a great gift that keeps on giving.

Decades Candy Box – $27.99

This is such a fun and affordable gift idea for anyone craving nostalgia! This box is available in decades from the 1950’s through the 1990’s and filled with candy from the time. So fun!

State Cheese Board – $48

This is a great gift for the parents that maybe have moved away, have a second home, or maybe grew up somewhere they no longer live! They have all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the entire USA.

Couple’s Split Blanket or Sheet Set – $85+

Partially a gag gift – partially extremely practical! These sheets can still be securely tucked plus they have an extra 4″ making sure each person has enough coverage. And of course the split in the middle!

Bread Maker – $100

This is such a fun gift idea for people who love (or hate) to cook! Throw the ingredients in, turn it on, and voila – you have fresh homemade bread.

NORI Handheld Steamer & Iron – $120

Get the effects of ironing without an ironing board! This is a great gift for people who travel – or anyone looking to shave some time off of their morning routine. I have one of these and particularly love it to create crisp collars and edges.

Our Place Pan or Pot – $145+

I had this on my list last year and we got it for my father-in-law and he LOVES it! Every time he cooks for us he raves about it. It definitely makes me want to get one for myself. Pots and pans are definitely something most people can use a replacement of, but will rarely buy for themselves.

Oura Ring – $299+

The Oura Ring is a great gift for anyone looking to track their sleep, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and more!


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