Since we are now locals to WDW I have gotten to try some quick service options that I haven’t been able to try before. I have been so excited to try some new places as well as been able to enjoy some old favorites more often. We always try to go to places that offer an Annual Pass discount… Who doesn’t love saving money? However, we do not strictly go places that offer an AP discount. I am going to be telling you all about my top 5 WDW resort quick service dining options. For more info on these particular places (Ex. menu, pricing, etc) or other quick service options I would recommend checking out the My Disney Experience App. In this particular installment of the Top 5 Dining series I’ll be focusing on quick service restaurants strictly in the parks and Disney Springs; I will focus on resort hotel quick service dining options at another time.

1. Casey’s Corner

This classic quick service is located right at the end of Main Street, U.S.A. in the Magic Kingdom. If you are looking at the castle it is on the left side of Main Street. This ballpark-themed hot dog shop has all of the all of the ballpark favorites; hot dogs, corn dog nuggets (my personal favorite), chili-cheese fries, and so much more. Not to mention, they have a pretty great toppings bar for the hot dogs. The one negative part of Casey’s is that the seating is scarce. Unless, of course, you’re open to sitting/standing outside, potentially in the hub grass (personally, I am not okay with this XD). My recommendation? If you are with another person have one of you stand in line for food, and the other go be a vulture in the room off of Casey’s that has indoor seating. The room is typically packed but if you stand there for 10-15 minutes you’ll probably find something. But like I said, you can almost always find a seat outside of Casey’s or across Main Street outside of The Plaza Restaurant. Unfortunately Casey’s does not give an AP discount 🙁

R.I.P. to the bleachers they had and Goofy cartoons they used to play in the seating area of Casey’s Corner.


2. Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn

I swear not all of these will be located in Magic Kingdom… But this one is in Magic Kingdom… You can find Pecos Bill’s in Frontierland right by the bridge over to Splash Mountain. Pecos’ does give an AP discount which is awesome! I am a big fan of the fajitas, basically like a “build-your-own” situation. But I also love getting the nachos, but asking for chicken instead of beef. The toppings bar at Pecos Bill is AMAZING; GUAC IS FREE Y’ALL. But really, if you haven’t tried Pecos Bill I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. Also, Pecos Bill has a Nachos Challenge! I got the chance to do it along with Grant and some of our friends this past summer. However, the challenge is a seasonal thing and there’s some requirements… I don’t want to go too much into detail, because then this blog would be forever… But I will link my friend Kate’s blog here where she covered our experience with the nachos challenge!


3. D-Luxe Burger

D-Luxe Burger is a fairly new quick service dining option at WDW. D-Luxe Burger is located at Disney Springs in the new shopping/restaurant area (the location is very confusing to describe so that’s all I’ve got lol). But what people may not realize is that D-Luxe Burger is owned by Disney and is the only one in the world. But because it is owned by Disney, you can get an AP discount! And let me tell you, D-Luxe Burger has some awesome deals. Grant and I typically get a “Duo” which serves 2 people. They range from $24.99-$28.99 depending on the type of burgers you get. The duos include 2 burgers, a regular fry (yes, it is enough to share), and 2 fountain drinks. All of that for as low as $24.99 I personally think is a great deal for eating at Disney. I typically just request a bacon cheeseburger, but they truly do have a burger for everyone including veggie burgers for all of you who are vegetarian. You can also get a variety of dipping sauces free of charge. I personally recommend the garlic ranch and buffalo blue cheese.


4. Yorkshire County Fish Shop

I love me some good fish & chips and that is exactly what you can get at Yorkshire County Fish Shop located in the England pavilion at Epcot… In fact, that is the only thing you can get there… But hey, at least this way people order fairly quickly because there literally nothing to choose from! lol. Seriously though, they have some of the best fish & chips I’ve ever tasted and I 100% recommend it.


5. Wolfgang Puck Express

This one, for me, is a no brainer. My family has been going to Wolfgang Puck Express at least once a trip for as long as I can remember. While it is kinda pricey, it is a great option if you’re doing the dining plan, or if you are an AP you get a discount here. While it is a quick service dining experience it is unique in the sense that you still have a server. Think Chick-fil-A… You order your food, you sit down, they bring it to you, they’ll refill your drinks, pick up your trash, etc. WPE even offers breakfast, which I still really need to try. But when it comes to their lunch and dinner menu you really can’t go wrong. I’ve tried their pizza, rotisserie chicken, macaroni & cheese, chicken tenders, meatloaf, ravioli, spaghetti & meatballs, and salmon… I have never been disappointed. Long story short: you need to go if you get the chance.


Well, those are my top 5 WDW quick service dining options – for the parks and Disney Springs anyway. I would love for you to comment down below what your favorite quick service option is! It honestly was so hard to narrow it down to five. Also, let me know down below what y’all want me to blog about next! I love hearing your suggestions.

Thanks for reading!