But really though, this stuff is easy to make, and tastes delicious. About a year ago I started making this fruit salad. And like all of my eating habits I go through stages where I am OBSESSED with something and eat it non-stop, then I don’t eat it for months… The last time I made this was I believe in February or March, so it’s been a while. We ate this stuff like it was our job back when we lived in PA. Since moving to Florida we’ve learned how surprisingly hard it is to find good fruit here, which you wouldn’t typically think. Grapes and strawberries are next to impossible to find in good condition down here, and apples are 50/50. And those are your first 3 ingredients for this simple recipe…


Apples (we use honeycrisp)


Green Grapes (the tartness goes well with the sweetness)

Vanilla Yogurt (we normally use Greek, but we’ve used regular yogurt as well)

I would put the quantity of each ingredient but it truly depends on your personal preference. We will typically buy a 2lb container of strawberries, a bag of green grapes, and a bag of small honeycrisp apples we buy at Trader Joe’s. We will typically cut up all of the strawberries and go from there. All the fruits are equal ratios, so 1/3 is apples, 1/3 is grapes, 1/3 is strawberries. The apples and strawberries we cut into small pieces, grapes we don’t cut. As we cut the fruit and take the grapes off of the vine we throw them into a big mixing bowl.

After we add the fruit into the bowl we get out our yogurt. With the bowl shown above we almost finished a 16oz container of yogurt. But it is better to add this slowly and add more as you mix. You can always add more, you can’t take it away. If you’re in doubt while shopping get a bigger yogurt! Trust me, this stuff will go FAST. There is only two of us and we finish this helping in less than 48hrs… May I add I think this fruit salad would be great to add more yogurt to and put into popsicle makers.

Now you have this delicious fruit salad! It honestly tastes like candy. Neither of us can get enough of it and usually I can’t get Grant to eat a bite of fruit. This would be great to take to a picnic or party this summer! Also if you can let it sit overnight before digging in, I highly recommend it. This stuff tastes better the more it sits. The juices sink into the yogurt and it is irresistible!

 I hope you all enjoyed this simple and fresh recipe! I know it is nothing fancy but I am not Rachael Ray… If you try this out please let me know in the comments. And also share with me what you like to add to your fruit salad, or what would be a great addition to this one, (I think pineapple would be delicious!).

Thanks for reading!