I am back to share my 5 Little Luxury gift ideas for Disney lovers! These gifts are in the $25-$75 range, and I try my best to include something for everyone. I hope you enjoy!

1. Pretty Little Monograms Rain Jacket – Over a year ago I splurged on a rain jacket from Pretty Little Monograms and I truly love it! I get so much use out of it. These rain coats are great quality and have colors and styles for everyone, even men! I personally have PLMouse Monogram jacket with a Lilly Pulitzer bow, but you really can’t go wrong with any of the designs. These jackets range from $45-$65 depending on design and jacket style.


2. Disney Alex and Ani – I have loved Alex and Ani bracelets for so many years now! I have at least a dozen bracelets and they are so versatile and a great way to show my Disney style in everyday life. There are a ton of characters offered and you can always choose between gold or silver. They even have Disney quote bangles, like this Cinderella one. Individual bangles are $44.95.

3. Danielle Nicole Handbag – DN Handbags are a huge trend in the Disney community, I even have a few myself. But there have been so many coming out lately that I will definitely have on my wish list! There are a ton of options on her site that are under $75 and you can normally find these bags discounted at Boxlunch Gifts. I really wanted to feature this new Peter Pan satchel that is $68.


4. H2O Bath Products – Bring the products of the Disney Resorts home with H2O bath products! My personal favorite is the Sea Salt Body Lotion. You can find quite a few different variety sets of the Disney H2O products on ShopDisney.com. I personally love this collection from Disney Cruise Line that goes for $57.98, but you can also buy products individually!


5. Disney Slow Cooker – Have you checked out the small appliances offered from ShopDisney.com? If not, you need to! Mickey waffle makers, toasters, popcorn poppers, so much to choose from! If there is one thing my Mom taught me growing up is that you can’t have too many slow cookers! While there are quite a few to choose from my favorite is this set for $44.95. It comes with one 5qt slow cooker and one 20oz dipper. So cute!


It was so hard to narrow down this category to just 5 items! But I hope you saw something that caught your eye. Comment down below and tell me what your favorite is. And let me know what you want to give to the Disney lover in your life. Thanks for reading and make sure to subscribe to my email list to stay updated on new posts!


xoxo Jayme


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own. There are affiliate links included in this post. I do not take rights for any of the photos shared. I took all photos from the links given.