Hey y’all!

It is (almost) that time of year again! Anyone else tell themselves year after year that they will have all of their Christmas shopping done before November or December? Yet every year the holiday season seems to *sneak up* on us. Fear not! I am here to give you an EARLY reminder that they holidays are coming faster than we think, and we gotta get a move on that card swiping lol.

Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday because I truly love giving gifts. But it always can be so hard to discover new things and get fresh ideas. I always seem to give the same people the same things year after year. Not that there’s anything wrong with socks and scented candles, but it is always nice to get new insight!

But here is how this is going to work. I have come up with a few “categories” of people that I will be giving gifts to this holiday and I hope you can either get inspiration or purchase the products! Most of these items aren’t necessarily Christmas themed so you can use this for birthdays, special events, Hanukkah, anything! On top of that I will have 3 budget categories.

“Stocking Stuffers” ($25 and under) – which don’t necessarily have to be stocking stuffers! I am just going to make sure they would physically fit in a stocking lol. I am totally a “Go to 5 below on Christmas Eve” kinda gal when it comes to stocking stuffers. But these will be different from your average candy canes and chocolates. These will also be great gifts for groups of friends, co-workers, or the awkward “I don’t know if this person got me a present but I don’t want to show up empty handed.”

The next category is “Little Luxuries” ($25-$75). This is definitely a wide range, but how much money you spend is totally up to you! I would say the vast majority of gifts I gift are within this price range. One thing I always keep in mind when buying a gift is to get someone something they want but wouldn’t necessarily buy themselves.

Finally, we have our “Extravagant Splurges” ($75+). Don’t worry, I’ll try not to get too crazy with that “+”. We aren’t talking Louis Vuitton handbags or a Tesla here lol. But there a ton of nice gifts I have given in the past or are on my list around the $100 mark.

I still have to decide on the formatting for this series. I am leaning toward a post for each persona/dollar group. So essentially 3 posts per category? Does that make sense? Is that too much? I think it would be best that way for you all to find what you are looking for!  Let me know your thoughts!

xoxo Jayme