Welcome back to my Holiday Gift Guide 2018! In this post I’ll be covering “Little Luxuries” for guys that are over $25 but under $75. These arejust examples of things I know the guys in my life would enjoy, but I hope you find some inspiration as well!


1. NES Classic Edition – This little guy came out last year and I unfortunately couldn’t snag it fast enough for my guy. Grant LOVES Nintendo, and despite having the real original Nintendo he really wants this one. You may be thinking, “Aren’t gaming systems expensive?” Yes! But this one is only $59.99 AND there are dozens of preinstalled games including favorites like The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros., and Donkey Kong. It comes with one controller and you can buy additional ones for $10. These are available on Amazon as well as in-store at Target and Best Buy!

2. Black & Decker Drill Project Kit – This is a great gift for the younger guy in your life who still may be trying to figure things out. For some reason my boyfriend doesn’t have a drill or a set of tools. And trust me, we could’ve used some by now. In my opinion this a great starter kit at a great price! My Dad has used Black & Decker for years and it is a great value for your dollar. There are two versions of this kit – one with a 8V drill (just under $50) & one with a 12V drill and 2 screwdrivers (shown above just under $60). In my opinion you can’t go wrong with either!


3. Jack Black Skin Savior Set – Let’s be honest, most men won’t typically spend money on their outward appearance. Especially not on something like a skincare routine. This starter set by Jack Black is perfect for getting a guy started in self care. This set is only $35 and includes a facial cleanser, facial moisturizer, lip balm, and and energizing scrub. Jack Black is a brand my Father has used for years and loves, so you can’t go wrong! Does the guy in your life have a beard and treat it like his first born child? Maybe try this Jack Black Beard Grooming Kit, which is also $35.

4. 6-in-1 Emergency Auto Tool – Definitely an unconventional gift, but I think this is pretty neat for the gadget lover in your life. This little guy is only $30 but VERY powerful! This is a great gift for men & women alike, and even teenagers driving on their own. This gizmo is equipped with a seatbelt cutter, glass breaker, emergency alarm, whistle, flashlight, and a tire gauge. This definitely isn’t a gift that will get daily use, but it is a great item to keep in your glove box. Safety first!


5. Mark & Graham Leather Money Clip Wallet – I’ve always thought it was so classy to give personalized gifts. And this wallet is a gift a man can cherish for years. This runs for $49 but the monogram is $9.50, also there are two colors to choose from. Mark & Graham is a great place to look for gifts to personalize and they have beautiful leather goods. However I know money clips are pretty hit or miss when it comes to different guys, so here’s another option.  This wallet is $69 which is under the budget, but the monogramming does cost $9.50 making it over $75. However the monogram isn’t required, of course, and there are a variety of colors offered!


So there’s my list of 5 Little Luxuries for guys! If you enjoyed my post make sure to subscribe to my email list to stay updated on my latest posts. Also leave me a comment telling me your favorite item you would want to give or receive from this list. And feel free to share your ideas for Little Luxuries in the comments!


xoxo Jayme


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