Can anyone please explain WHY men will never tell us what they want? “What do you want for Christmas?” “I don’t know” “What do you want for dinner?” “I don’t know” JUST TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT AND I’LL GIVE IT TO YOU LOL.

Today I want to share with you my favorite “Stocking Stuffer” gifts for guys! These are $25 and under and are small enough to fit in a stocking. I know not all guys are into the same things or have the same personality, but this is just some items I know the men in my life would enjoy.

1. Vineyard Vines Socks – I know, I know, I know. Socks aren’t really original in any way shape or form. BUT the guys in my family are obsessed with Vineyard Vines socks! They all rave about how comfy they are and they hold up beautifully. Grant has pairs for every holiday and he loves breaking them out. He always get compliments on his socks despite not being a “sock guy.” These are nice to get because they’re definitely something a guy would enjoy, but not necessarily buy for themselves. They offer tons of patterns and colors for all personalities. The normal price for them is $19.50 BUT as a former VV employee I can promise on Black Friday they’ll give you 25% off, they also give a student discount, AND if you call into a store they will gift wrap AND ship them to you FOR FREE. The socks I have pictured are the Mahi Christmas pattern from last year that Grant has. Above I linked the men’s socks section on Vineyard Vine’s website.

2. Car Air Vent Phone Mount – I found one of these over a year ago for $5 for myself at Target in Bullseye’s Playground (the dollar spot that’s now like $10 and under lol). I didn’t get this exact one obviously, but this one has great Amazon reviews and honestly it looks a lot nicer. This one runs a little under $11. I never had anywhere to put my phone when using it as a GPS in the car, and this solved my problem! I didn’t want a suction on my windshield, so this was perfect. Over time my boyfriend kept using it and loved it, so I got one for his stocking last year! Then my Dad saw it, and he got one as well. All of us love it and it is so convenient and I can honestly say I use it almost every day.

3. Battery Tester – This may seem so weird but the guys in my life love gadgets! My dad has had one of these for as long as I can remember. He doesn’t have this one exactly, but it gets the same job done. And I honestly can’t imagine someone NOT having one of these babies. Any time something battery powered stops working I ask myself, “So is it broke or are the batteries bad?” And let’s be honest, I don’t live with my parents anymore, so I’m lucky if I have AAs on hand. And the last thing I want to do is spend money on batteries I don’t need. This one from Amazon is only $6.99!

4. Sweater Stone – This is definitely a little unconventional, but this is a gift even I would love to receive! Only $7.95, plus Nordstrom’s always gives free shipping. This is a tool everyone could use in their closet to keep their knits, not just sweaters, looking good as new. I wonder how many items I’ve gotten rid of that I could have saved with this puppy?

5. YETI Rambler – Not gonna lie, I was always hesitant about the Yeti brand. But I did splurge on a $250 cooler earlier this year lol. I am now a believer! There is a variety of Yeti rambler products just under $25. The colster, 10oz lowball, 10oz wine glass, and my favorite the 14oz mug. These also come in a variety of colors! This is once again a great gift not just for men, but for women as well! Get them something that will keep their favorite beverage hot OR cold for HOURS!


So that’s the line-up for my 5 Stocking Stuffers for guys, all under $25! I would love for you to leave a comment on your favorite item, something you would like to give OR receive. Also, leave me a comment with what you’ll be putting in your guy’s stocking this year. I would love some more ideas. If you liked this post make sure you subscribe to my email list to stay updated on my recent posts!


xoxo Jayme


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