Welcome to my final post for my Preppy Lady Gift Guide! These are some spectacular splurges for this holiday season. The prices get steep, but I still tried to keep something for everyone in mind. These are definitely items I have on my list this holiday! Enjoy!


1. Barrington Gifts Tote  – I’ve had my eye on one of these beauties for a while now. Barrington Gifts makes the most beautiful items, the most popular being their tote bags. These are completely customizable by choosing not only the style but the leather detail color, the pattern, and you can even customize it with a monogram. They have options great for summer, fall, or bags that can go with you year round. My personal favorite for fall and winter is the one shown with the faux deer fur. I think this is truly a piece someone will have forever and will last because of the great quality. This particular tote is the St. Anne Tote and costs $160.

2. L.L. Bean, Bean Boots – I got my first pair of bean boots when I was 16 and 4+ years later they are still in great condition! I will say my one regret with them is not getting the shearling lined boots, they are much more than the normal ones going at $225, but I definitely would have appreciated them in the freezing Pennsylvania winters. I have the 8″ classic Bean Boots in brown which cost $155, but I am a very strong believer in paying for quality. I am confident that while I have had these boots for 5 years I’ll have them for 10 more. I wore them almost every day during the fall and winter in my junior/senior years of high school, and my first year of college back in PA. If this is way out of your budget, but you still want the Bean Boot look, here’s an Amazon option under $50!

3. Sherpa Pullover – So I am currently OBSESSED with sherpas. Not only are the “in style” but I honestly feel like they are a more classic look and they are practical. I recently got this buffalo plaid one from Abercrombie that retails for $78, but it may be on sale now! I got a size S for reference. But here’s a more neutral option from Amazon that comes in a ton of colors and is $69. I also found one for only $16 at Sam’s Club, but unfortunately I couldn’t find it online.

4. Pearl Earrings – I love wearing “pearl” earrings. They go with literally everything and in my opinion are a wardrobe staple. I personally do not own real pearl earrings but, I think every woman should receive 2 things in her lifetime: 1) A pair of REAL pearl earrings. 2) An item from Tiffany’s. Some may put Tiffany’s down and say it is either overpriced or unnecessary, which they can have that opinion. But in my personal experiences with Tiffany’s you truly do not only pay for the quality of the item, but for the service. These 8mm pearl studs are $225 and I know for a fact whoever receives these will treasure them forever. I know that is a lot, but this is spectacular splurges!

5. Lilly Pulitzer Popover – I know, I know, I already put a “jacket” in this gift guide. Is anyone else like me and HOARD jackets, hoodies, and pullovers? I have way too many for currently living in Florida lol. But you really can’t go wrong with a Lilly Pulitzer Popover. This is something someone can use all year round. They are perfect for chilly summer nights, but pair beautifully with a puffer vest during the winter. The range from $98-$108 and there are tons of styles and prints to choose from, and even solids! My personal favorite at the moment is this one Slathouse Soiree.


Those were my 5 picks for spectacular splurges for preppy ladies! Hopefully something catches your eye for you or a loved one, or you at least got some inspiration. Be sure to comment below and tell me your favorite item on the list! And make sure to subscribe to my email list to stay updated on posts.


xoxo Jayme


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own. There are affiliate links included in this post. I do not take rights for any of the photos shared. I took all photos from the links given.