Hey y’all! Today I am doing another holiday gift guide for 2019. If you haven’t read my other ones yet, check them out here. My past gift guides have covered Lilly lovers, Disney fans, guys, hostess gifts, and even advent calendars (for kids & adults).  But I haven’t done one yet for students!

I myself am a college student, so I feel like I can offer a good variety of ideas of what a student may appreciate this holiday. These items aren’t just for college-aged students; high school and even middle school kids may enjoy these items as well! Let’s get into it!

$25 & Under

Custom Team Earrings

Y’all already know my love for Cora’s Den on Etsy! This is great not only for students, but for the sports fan in your life. I personally have Penn State ones she made for me and I love them. You can totally customize these with whatever team logo and colors you want, plus they’re all $15 and under. She also has other styles that you can see HERE that aren’t necessarily team-specific. If you think of something that you don’t see on her page, just message her! She’s almost always up for customs.

Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini is normally $50, but in honor of the holiday season many places currently have it on sale for $25. I have one of these and use it every day! This can be used for a variety of things, but I personally love using mine as a speaker. Also, did y’all know this came in AQUA? I may need to buy a new one lol. I also heard that they might be on sale for as low as $19 on Black Friday at Walmart.

Cards Against Humanity

This game is a staple for late high school and college students! (Or adults lol) The box recommends it for those aged 17+, which I would say is a good idea. It’s not a game for young ones or those who are easily offended, but it makes for a ton of fun! Grab your friends, open a bottle of wine (if you’re of age), and have some laughs.

$50 & Under


This one is great for anyone, not just students, who want to get organized with the new year. I personally have been using Lilly Pulitzer agendas since junior high, and I love them! When I was in school I preferred the large agenda, which is $30, it fits well in a backpack but has enough room to write everything down. But now I like the jumbo size (linked above), which is $35, because I don’t tend to travel with it. If you’re looking for one that could easily fit in a purse I would go with the medium, which is $24. A more masculine/not so pink option is The SELF Journal from Amazon, which is around $30.


State Homesick Candles

I’ve seen these swirling around the internet for a few months now. While I haven’t tried one myself, I really want to! They have one for every state and they all have different scents. It’s a great gift for anyone, but especially someone who lives out of state. If you’re buying for a college student, keep in mind not all dorms allow them to burn candles. These babies cost a little under $30 on Amazon.

Wireless Headphones

Now I know most kids are into AirPods nowadays. However, I personally cannot get behind them. Not only are they expensive but Apple headphones have never stayed in my ears, and I can’t imagine them staying in when I’m walking or working out. But I bought these back in June when my other headphones broke, and I love them! They’re super comfortable, and they can be wireless or you can plug them in with a cable that’s included. I literally use them every day with my phone and my computer. They’re around $35 and come in rose gold (shown), black, white, and black/red.

Stadium-Approved Crossbody Bag

Many sports and entertainment venues now have a clear bag policy. Pennant Accessories makes the nicest clear crossbody bags along with a wide variety of straps for all of your needs! Again, this would be great for all sports and concert lovers – not just students. Bag and strap sets start at just $42! Plus, you can purchase straps separately in animal prints, patterns, and team colors. If you’re in the market for a stocking stuffer under $10, they also have key fobs and wrist lanyards in team colors, animal print, and more!

$100 & Under


While I am not a coffee drinker, I still love my Keurig! I really enjoy getting apple cider and hot chocolate pods, and any college student would appreciate this with a pack of their favorite K-Cups. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday approaching, keep your eyes peeled for good deals on these from Target and Amazon.

Custom Team Crossbody Strap

These custom straps from Classic Prep Monograms are definitely a splurge at $95, but they’re so unique and gorgeous! If the person on your list isn’t into sports, they have a ton of different straps to choose from. Be sure to note that the bag itself is sold separately.

Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets have been all the rage the past year or so! They’re known to help with stress and anxiety, which we all know many students have. If you aren’t looking to spend so much on a blanket, another great gift idea would be a heated blanket, which you can get for around $30.


I hope y’all enjoyed this little gift guide! Let me know if there are any other categories you want me to cover by leaving a comment or connecting with me on Instagram.

Thanks for reading!


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own. This post includes affiliate links and I may be compensated when items are purchased through this link.