This is the final post of the “FOR GUYS” portion of my Holiday Gift Guide for 2018! These are Spectacular Splurges that may cost a pretty penny. But ’tis the season! I hope you can take something away from this post and get some inspiration.

1. Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt – These are such a staple in the wardrobe of the guys in my life! Even my 6 month old nephew has a Shep shirt. The classic navy is my favorite but they offer a variety of Shep shirts including sports teams and monogram personalization. This is another gift that is a great idea for both men and women! I have 5 Shep shirts and I love them so much. PRO TIP: Vineyard Vines has 25% off every Black Friday weekend AND you can call into any store around the country and they will ship it to you AND gift wrap free of charge! They do not have to have the item in stock in order for you to call in your purchase! But please note not all shep shirts are eligible for discount! Prices range from $98.50-$125.

2. Smathers & Branson Needlepoint Belt – This item is definitely not everyone’s style, but Grant has been begging for one of these for ages! A nice belt can truly make an outfit and pull things together. Smathers & Branson makes beautiful products and have patterns for every personality! These belts cost a pretty penny at $165, but this is definitely a piece they will always have and cherish.

3. Birchbox Man Plus Subscription – This is the gift that keeps on giving! I think this is such a fun idea, not only for guys but for anyone in your life. There are so many subscription boxes out there, some I haven’t even heard of, for men, women, kids, teens, etc. You can get a 6 month subscription to Birchbox Man for only $110 ($99 with code MEN99). These boxes are filled with accessories, health products, and “beauty” products for men. It’s a great chance for them to try out new products they may not buy themselves. They also offer just the normal Birchbox Man subscription that is cheaper ($110 for the full year)  but is strictly grooming products. Don’t want to commit to something like a subscription box? Consider a magazine subscription or a Netflix giftcard!


4. Hard Cider Starter Kit – My brother-in-law received a beer making kit a few years ago and loved it! His buddies came over and they all had a great time making it together. They have these sorts of kits for beer, whiskey, all sorts of alcoholic beverages! Grant’s favorite is hard cider so I’m showing this one. The site I linked, Northern Brewer, has a huge variety of kits. This specific one is $76.99 but it doesn’t come with bottles. Those will cost you around $16.99 for 24 12oz bottles – get those here.


5. Pack Up + Go Trip – This is the most SPECTACULAR SPLURGE I could think of that is super creative. My boyfriend actually discovered this site over a year ago. We REALLY want to do one! In short, this is a site where you fill out a questionnaire, set a budget, and they will book a MYSTERY VACATION for you. They do weekend road trips that start at $400, and other options that cost $800, $1000, etc. They even offer 6 month payment plans if you pay via Paypal. These trips are 100% a surprise and they even include places to dine, places to see, and of course hotel and transportation if plane/train option is selected. This obviously wouldn’t be for everyone’s budget or lifestyle. But I think it would be awesome! It would definitely send people outside of their comfort zone. Also, how cool would this be for a honeymoon? They offer gift cards or you can book a trip for you and someone else!


That’s it! I hope you enjoyed the Spectacular Splurges in this portion of my Holiday Gift Guide 2018. I hope you can take inspiration from this list and use it for your gift giving. Let me know in the comments what your favorite item would be that you would want to give or receive! Also, if you have any ideas for spectacular splurges, I would love to hear them! Don’t forget to sign up for my email list to stay updated on future posts.


xoxo Jayme


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own. There are affiliate links included in this post. I do not take rights for any of the photos shared. I took all photos from the links given.