Hey y’all!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I know I didn’t post last week with no warning, sorry! But I am back this new year with ideas pouring out of my body and I am ready to write. Today on my Instagram, @thenorthernprepster,  I asked what y’all wanted to see for my first blog post of 2019. And y’all chose this!

So today I am going to be sharing with you my favorite things I gifted this holiday season. It’s going to be difficult to narrow them down, but I’m choosing 5 to keep it short and sweet lol. Hopefully this will give you all some inspiration for next year or for birthdays and such for 2019! Also wanna say, this is in no particular order 😉 I also tried to make sure there was a wide variety of stuff for all ages and personalities. We were so pleased with all of the items we gave this year! It was so fun to see everyone’s faces when opening them!

1. I got Grant a Smather’s & Branson Card Holder:

Grant has had his eye on one of these for at least a year. I grabbed him this one in collaboration with Vineyard Vines, his favorite clothing brand. He is obsessed with it and it is perfect for the guy who wants to downsize with his wallet. He has major back problems and he has already noticed a difference with his posture AND he only carries what he ACTUALLY uses.


2. We got my parents Chip & Dale Nutcrackers:

My whole family is obsessed with Disney. My parents literally modeled their house off of Wilderness Lodge, a resort at Walt Disney World. I originally saw these guys last year but didn’t snag them. This year we went through hell to find both, because they are sold separately and are hard to find. But they loved them and go with their home beautifully. They aren’t sold online unfortunately except through Ebay and resellers, but they can get extremely expensive. But HERE is the link where I found the picture I used.


3. We adopted a tiger at the Pittsburgh Zoo for my nephew:

My 9 month old nephew, Percy, is obsessed with two things: The Zoo & Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (a spin off of Mr. Rogers). He has season passes to the zoo so we thought an awesome tradition we could start with him is “adopting” an animal at the zoo for him each year. I first heard of this program when I was a kid. My best friend was obsessed with cheetahs and each year her Uncle and Grandpa adopted one in her name for her birthday. Her name was displayed at the zoo and everything. So we decided to do this for Percy! It is surprisingly affordable at Pittsburgh Zoo and I believe many zoos have similar programs. Adoptions are as low as $30 and all include the child’s name being featured at the zoo on a plaque (speaking for the Pittsburgh Zoo). We can’t wait to visit the zoo with him and see his name up later this year! If you don’t have a zoo near you that does this I also recommend donating through WWF who has an adoption program.


4. We got my brother-in-law a Disney Main Street U.S.A. Wooden Trolley Puzzle:

Grant and I saw this and immediately knew we had to get this for Michael, my brother-in-law and Grant’s fraternity brother. Mike is an engineer who also loves Disney. He loves building things and models. What is awesome about this is that it is a working mechanical model, so it moves! They also offer train engines, monorails, Cinderella’s carriage and more. It’ll probably take him a while to build but he already said he’s going to display it in his office at work.


5. We got Grant’s dad a Custom Yeti Tumbler:

Grant’s dad (Grant Sr.) has fallen in love with Yeti tumblers; he uses his everyday. We wanted to get him a special one to show off to all of his friends. So, we decided to get him a customized one on Yeti.com that has the boys’ (Grant & his brother Bryce) Boy Scout Troop logo on it, which Grant Sr. helps lead. He was so shocked when he opened it and talked about how he couldn’t wait to brag to the guys about it lol. Yeti has a ton of preloaded images you can use to customize a tumbler, including BSA, Nascar, Collegiate, Greek Life, and so much more. Or you can upload your own image like we did! I don’t have a picture of the one we purchased, so I got a picture of another Scouting one offered on the site.


Those are some of my favorite items I gifted this holiday season! It was so hard to only pick 5, but I knew I couldn’t include it all. Honestly my Mom’s big gift was truly my favorite, but it was to much to include lol. My Dad, Grant, and myself all came together and got her a trip to Palm Beach for The Pink Retreat! If you don’t know what The Pink Retreat is, check out my blog post HERE. But she was so surprised and is so excited for the event in June!

I hope y’all enjoyed reading and if you want to see what I got for Christmas, check out my latest YouTube video! Be sure to subscribe and give the video a big thumbs up while you’re there 😉

Comment down below and tell me what your favorite gift you gave this holiday season was! I would love to know!