Hey y’all! Today I am going to be writing about what you need to pack in your Disney bag (that isn’t a phone/wallet/keys lol). I’ve been requested to do this many times and I’m finally remembering to do it lol. But the things listed below are what I normally pack. Because I live so close and I don’t normally go all day I don’t always take any/all of these things. It also depends if my family is in town, because then there is a kid involved which definitely requires bigger bags and more items. I just hope y’all will get some inspiration from this and tweak it to fit yourself, your trip, and your family!

I’ll start off with sharing my bag preference. I typically go for some sort of backpack when it comes to going to the parks, but I occasionally will take a crossbody of some sort. When I reach for a smaller backpack I go with a Loungefly Mini Backpack (which are small but surprisingly fit a ton), but if we need something bigger we just use a normal sized backpack (the ones Disney will seasonally sell for $15-$20 when you purchase X amount from a store). If I carry a crossbody it’s normally a Disney Dooney & Bourke or a Danielle Nicole Disney bag.

Here’s what I bring:

1. Reuseable Water Bottle

This is a must any time we enter a park! We always have a water bottle of some sort with us. Any quick service offers free cups of ice water so you can easily refill your bottle for free, saving you money! I don’t recommend filling up your bottle at a water fountain… Florida water is nasty y’all. At least when it’s from a quick service it’s cold and filtered. I recommend filling the bottle with an inch or two of water and putting the bottle in the freezer the night before you go to the parks. Then in the morning you can fill it and it will stay cooler longer. Or you could go with a brand like Yeti that keeps stuff cold for 12 hours or more.

2. Raincoat/Umbrella

It’s Florida y’all. Rain is inevitable most days lol. But raincoats also come in handy when you go on water rides like Splash Mountain, and an umbrella can also be used to shield the sun when it gets too hot. I personally really like Pretty Little Monograms raincoats. The one I have has a sweatershirt-like lining, which means I can also throw on the raincoat when I’m cold. Or you can always go with the classic poncho.

3. DIY First Aid Kit

What you put in here is really up to you. We just use a small cosmetic bag and keep anything we may need. Some things we have include: Bandaids (blisters… it’s harder to find a Cast Member with a bandaid than it should be), hand sanitizer (Disney is full of kids, kids are sticky), aspirin (also may want dramamine if you get motion sickness, and include any prescriptions anyone in your party may need), tissues, sunscreen, feminine products, glasses/an extra pair of contacts (I only pack this when we’ll be gone all day, and it has come in handy more than once), cooling towel, small flashlight, Ziploc bags, and a snack bar of some kind. Again, it’s all up to you what you put into it, and it’ll depend on you/your family’s needs. But this is what we like to have on hand.

4. Phone Charger/Portable Battery

That Disney App DRAINS batteries y’all lol. But for real, we always bring a charger and cord if we’ll be gone for most of the day. I recommend splurging on a FuelRod. There is a lot of talk whether these are worth it or not, and we’ve found ours to be worth it, but to each their own.  They sell FuelRods at different kiosks around Disney property. There’s multiple stations in each park as well as at least one at each hotel. These are also available all around the country at airports and other tourist locations.  It costs $30 (at Disney, their website claims they start at $20) and comes with cords for your phone (iPhone and Android) and a cord to recharge the charger itself, so you can charge it by yourself. But if it dies while you’re in a park you can switch it out free of charge. So you’re paying for convenience which I think is worth it. This way everyone in your party doesn’t have to each bring their own charger as well.

5. Sunglasses

I always have sunglasses since my eyes are very sensitive to light. I also recommend bringing a spare in case you misplace or break the pair you’re wearing.

6. Optional Extras

These will depend on personal preference. These items include autograph books/pen, a digital camera, trading pins, an extra shirt, etc. Yes, I said an extra shirt, maybe even a whole change of clothes. Y’all. When it’s 95 and sunny and you’re walking around drenched in sweat, you’ll be happy to have an extra shirt or an extra change of clothes lol. You probably pack extra clothes for your kids if you have them, do yourself a favor and pack some for yourself too lol.

There you have it! I hope this post gave you some inspiration and was helpful. If there’s anything you can’t go to Disney without let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!



Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions area my own. Affiliate links are included in this post and I may be compensated if items are purchased through said links.