Hey y’all! Today I wanted to share with you my YouTube video from this week as well as share a special announcement!

My vlog this week picks up from last week’s which you can watch HERE. Last week’s vlog included footage from the 2019 Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend Expo as well as my haul from the expo. This week’s vlog has footage from both the 10K and half marathon I ran. I would really appreciate if y’all could subscribe to my YouTube channel, give the video a big thumbs up, and leave a comment on the video letting me know you read my blog. Hope you enjoy it!

Now onto my special announcement…

I’m finally on Pinterest! I’ve been wanting to do Pinterest with my blog for a while now, but wanted to make sure I was doing it right. With the help of my wonderful, tech savvy boyfriend, Grant, it’s finally happening! That being said I want y’all to go follow me right now if you have a Pinterest, or join if you don’t have one. 😉 I’ll link my account HERE, but my username is just The Northern Prepster. 🙂 We’ll slowly be working on getting all of my blogs pinned to my boards on there. You’ll find all my blogs pinned on my board titled TheNorthernPrepster.com! So make sure you go on there, follow me, and pin my blog posts for your friends to see and for you to have for later. You can also pin my blog posts yourself from my site! Just scroll over any photo in any blog post and click the Pinterest icon that pops up.

That’s all for now! But next week I have some great posts coming up. Be sure to subscribe to my email list on my home page to be notified when I post.

Thanks for reading!