Updated: July 2021

Hey, y’all! Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite ways I incorporate my Lilly Pulitzer into my Disney Style. I get questions about this constantly so I wanted to give some answers.

I would say I have a pretty distinct style for the most part. And while there are some ladies in the Disney community that rock Lilly Pulitzer almost all the time, there aren’t many that blog about it. I just wanted to shed some light on a style and brand that has been growing recently and is timeless. I’m gonna be sharing some of my favorite small shops to purchase Disney Lilly accessories and clothing. So let’s get into it!

Lilly Printed Ears

One of the best places to find Lilly-inspired ears is Etsy. You can find countless results with the search “Lilly Minnie Ears.”

Pixie Made Ears often has some inspired ears & other pieces that will go well with Lilly!

Best Day Evear on Etsy also has a wide variety of Lilly ears available.

Of course, you can also grab ears straight from Disney – or other small businesses like the ones mentioned previously – in colors that go well with Lilly, such as these hot pink and gold ones, these teal and pink ones, or these purple ones from Amazon.

Play With Prints

Lilly Pulitzer is known for their gorgeous prints, most of them with hidden images in them. I love to look at the prints I have and try to wear them to specific parks, as I see appropriate. For example, a print featuring elephants or monkeys would be perfect for Animal Kingdom. One featuring cocktails might be good for drinking around the World at Epcot. A nautical print would be perfect for a dining reservation at Yacht & Beach Club.


There are so many ways to accessorize your Disney looks that aren’t just ears. Cora’s Den is one of my favorite small businesses, and she has the cutest mouse head earrings – in any color imaginable. She also has some Lilly printed pieces. You can use code JAYME10 for 10% off your purchase.

Beautickled on Instagram also sells Lilly headbands, scrunchies, fanny packs, and mouse ear covers in countless prints! So many pieces that are perfect for the parks. Just DM her to order.

If you’re going to Disney, you’re going to need a bag – whether you buy a cute bag from Lilly’s website, or do a fun Disney Loungefly or Danielle Nicole Disney piece – there are so many great ones that can play into Disney or Lilly!

Tees and Tanks

There are so many small shops out there that sell tops that go great with Lilly or include Lilly fabric! Additionally, places like Amazon or Disney themselves can have some great pieces!

I recently got this adorable Minnie tee from Amazon – it was super affordable and will pair perfectly with any Lilly bottoms. There are some other cute designs on Amazon, like this one with Minnie in all pink or this one with Minnie and Daisy.

The Golden Spindle is another Etsy shop that makes some darling Disney Lilly pieces! I have a tank and a hoodie from her that are super soft and I get so many compliments on them. She’s always changing what prints she offers and has options for the whole family.

Some other small tee shops I like to wear with Lilly are Heigh Ho Design Co., Hiya Pal Co., Pretty Little Monograms, & Zip A Dee Tees.

DisneyBounding with Lilly

If you haven’t heard of DisneyBounding, you’re missing out! DisneyBounding is a way to show your Disney Style in everyday life or in the parks. DisneyBounding is when you subtly “dress up” like a character. It’s a great way to incorporate your daily style into Disney Style. I’ve done quite a few DisneyBounds with Lilly pieces, but the one below is my favorite. I bounded as Joy from Inside Out with this Sunglow Kissed By the Sun shift, representing her color as well as her sunshine-like personality, paired with a simple blue bow in my hair representing her blue hair. I’ve also done a Jasmine bound and a Heimlich (from a Bug’s Life) bound featuring Lilly!


There you have it, y’all! I hope you enjoyed this post and got some inspiration from it. I had so much fun writing this! If you know of any other small shops that sell Disney Lilly goodies drop a link down below or connect with me on Instagram so I can check it out.

Thanks for reading!