Hey y’all! I wanted to thank Saltwater Prep for providing their Monogrammed Striped Cabana Bag for today’s post! Their website offers a ton of fun monogrammed goodies for super affordable prices. Make sure you check out their site and follow them on their Instagram, @SaltwaterPrep.

Today I wanted to share with y’all my favorite bags that I am carrying right now! These bags are perfect for transitioning from spring to summer and they’re useful for a variety of looks. I hope you enjoy!

Monogrammed Striped Cabana Bag from Saltwater Prep

This bag is so great to not only use as a day-to-day purse, but also for trips to the beach, an airplane carry-on, or even a cute school bag that will totally fit your laptop and books. It is a STEAL at only $30, and that includes the embroidered monogram! I think my favorite part is that I got to chose my monogram font and thread color – I chose the diamond monogram in white. This would also make an adorable gift for bridesmaids, high school graduates, or just a little gift to yourself 😉

Bamboo Bags

Y’all already know I’m obsessed with a good bamboo purse! I managed to get mine for literally $12 from Francesca’s last fall on clearance, but you can find these at a variety of places in store and online. I’ll link some affordable Amazon options similar to mine HERE and HERE. Some are more affordable than others but in my opinion it’s all about the look, not the brand. So make sure you search and compare before buying something that costs $100+!

Wicker Bags

I know, I know… I can’t stop talking about wicker and bamboo bags lol. In my defense I liked them last year before it was mainstream lol. I also got this one at Francesca’s on clearance last year for literally $8. But since they are becoming more popular, they’re pretty easy to find. This one from Francesca’s is pricey, but gorgeous! Here is an Amazon option, and even Walmart is hopping on the bandwagon with this bag and this satchel.

Navy Purse from Simply Southern

I got this bag at Hallmark of all places. Simply Southern is carried at a variety of boutiques and small stores, like Hallmark. I managed to find it online for y’all, but I will say this shop is charging $44.99 and I only paid $38.99. That being said I would check with your local Hallmark or anywhere you know that sells Simply Southern. They also offered this is hot pink and Tiffany blue as well as in a crossbody, wallet, wristlet, small backpack and more! I love the navy since it will go with everything in my closet. And the size is perfect for a day-to-day bag that is bigger than a crossbody but smaller than a tote bag.

Well there you have it y’all! Those are the bags I’ve been carrying lately! I hope this gave you some inspiration and gives y’all some affordable options to stay on trend. Thanks again to Saltwater Prep for sponsoring this post and don’t forget to check them out on Instagram!

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Disclaimer: The bag from Saltwater Prep was given to me in exchange for content. This post contains affiliate links and I may be compensated when items are purchased through said links. As always, all opinions are my own. Photos by @AshlynSanchezPhoto