Hey y’all! Y’all may have seen my blog post a few weeks ago reviewing some dishes & drinks from Epcot’s Flower & Garden Festival. If you haven’t read that yet click HERE to check it out! Last week our friends were in town so we headed over to the festival with them. While we did have a few repeat items (La Vie En Rose <3 ), there are a few different dishes we did try and I wanted to share them with you. I actually was shocked that every single thing we tried this time around was delicious. Definitely my favorite dishes of Flower & Garden!

Sugar Cane Shrimp Skewer from La Isla Fresca – $7.00

Going into this dish I was a little bit hesitant. But man, am I glad we tried it! It was a generous offering with 5 shrimp, served with rice, and topped with a delicious coconut-lime sauce. I really couldn’t get enough of it. We all were huge fans, and I would definitely get it again!

Score: 5/5

House-made Crab and Cheese Wontons from Lotus House – $6.00

Grant didn’t want to try these since he isn’t a big wonton, eggroll, etc type of guy. He ended up loving them! The filling was creamy and delicious, like a cheesy crab dip in a wonton. I would definitely get these again!

Score: 5/5

Farmhouse Meatball from Trowel & Trellis – $5.50

After trying the Impossible Burger during Food & Wine Festival, I knew I had to try this meatball! The Impossible company makes vegan meat alternatives and they sponsored this booth this year, so everything that was offered food-wise is vegan! I am personally not a vegan but it’s always fun to try something different. I ended up liking the Impossible burger so much last fall that when I visited Wahlburgers and saw it on the menu, I ordered it! This meatball is served taco-style in a lentil bread and topped with veggies, spinach, and a delicious herb dressing. I promise you can’t tell it’s not meat. I would definitely get this again.

Score: 5/5

Fried Cauliflower from Taste of Marrakesh – $6.00

This was another hit! Grant and I love buying the Trader Joe’s tempura cauliflower that we fry in our air fryer at home, so we knew we wanted to try this. I was pleasantly surprised how spicy it was! It has a strong buffalo flavor in the breading itself, topped with a chili ranch sauce that really evened things out. I wouldn’t recommend this if you don’t like spice, and it wouldn’t be a good pick for kids. But we were big fans! And the serving size was generous.

Score: 5/5

I cannot believe I just rated all of those 5/5 y’all… I am such a picky eater and for me to have genuinely enjoyed all of those is kinda a big deal lol. Sorry there weren’t that many items included. But again, check out my previous blog post for more! Comment down below what your favorite dish from Disney is, whether it can be found at a festival or not!

Thanks for reading!



Disclaimer: All photos were taken by me. Feel free to repost with credit to my blog.