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Hi y’all! Welcome back to my blog! Today I have a super fun post – I’m going to be sharing with you 10 advent calendars for adults that you can snag this holiday season. If you’re still doing the basic chocolate advent calendar, you need to step up your game! Treat yourself or someone else this holiday season with one of these special advent calendars.

Beauty Advent Calendars

L’Occitane makes an advent calendar every year! While I’ve personally never used it, I know people who have and loved it. It is definitely some quality stuff. The one shown above is their $64 option ($105 value), but they also have a larger one for $99 ($198 value).


If you love Cath Kidston, this one is for you! This Cath Kidston advent calendar has 24 days of full-sized pampering treats. It runs for $64.

Advent Calendars For Him

I found this men’s grooming advent calendar on Amazon. Not exactly sure how nice the actual products are, but it’s definitely a cool idea! Best part is that it’s under $35.

This next one I would personally love, but for some reason I personally know a lot of guys who are into hot sauce lol. I found this one at World Market and it’s only $24.99. Keep in mind that this is a 12-day option.

My boyfriend, Grant, is a huge video game nerd! This electronic games advent calendar is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. He’d totally freak over this! It gives you the supplies to make a circuit board and at the end you have a video games of sorts. This would also be a great gift for big kids who are into science/technology projects. It’s just under $50 and seems to be sold out at the moment, but the site does claim they’ll be back in stock and you can sign up to be notified when they’re back.

Edible Advent Calendars (That Aren’t Candy)

Alcohol advent calendars have been all the rage the past few years! In the past I’ve seen them sold at Aldi and Costco, among other places. However, I found a website, The Spirit Co., that has you covered for basically any alcohol you fancy. From wine and gin, to whisky and vodka, or tequila and rum! Needless to say there are A LOT of options. These are definitely pricey, but it’s alcohol so that’s somewhat of a given.

I absolutely love tea around the holidays! This tea advent calendar from World Market is only $14.99 and perfect for the tea lover in your life. It’d make a great early gift paired with a nice mug.

Is anyone obsessed with jams and preserves like I am? This Bonne Maman advent calendar includes 24 different mini jams and honeys! I think this is maybe even one that would be fun for the whole family to share. This one is priced at $34.99.

Quirky Advent Calendars

Another holiday trend has been sock advent calendars! A few years ago I saw them only at Target, but since then the idea has exploded and I’ve seen them many other places. They have these for women, men, and kids each holiday season! More and more themes have been popping up each year. Currently Target’s website has themes such as cats, Harry Potter, Nightmare Before Christmas, Disney Princesses, Lilo & Stitch, Mickey & Friends, Star Wars, Santa, Marvel, and even Game of Thrones. Needless to say there’s something for everyone. These run around $15.

I found this when Googling specialty advent calendars. This is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! Not to mention it is something the entire family can enjoy year after year. It’s a gramophone musical advent calendar! It includes tiny 2” “records” and each one plays about 30 seconds of a Christmas carol. Super cool and it’s about $50.


I hope y’all enjoyed this blog post! I figured it would be a fun and different addition to my Holiday Gift Guide. I’ll also be putting out a post like this for kids advent calendars, so be sure to sign up for my email list below to be notified when that is posted!

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