Hey y’all! I am so excited for today’s post because it’s all about black watch plaid! Y’all may already know I am all about that plaid life, especially during the fall and winter. Some people see black watch as more of a holiday print, but I personally think it’s a great print that can transition from fall to winter And unlike tartan plaid, you can wear it before and after Christmas!

Perhaps my love of plaid stems from going to private school most of my life; I wore uniforms from 3rd grade on. My elementary school had us wear a hunter plaid print and in high school we wore none other than black watch, so there’s definitely a sweet spot in my heart lol.

There are so many stores that have great black watch pieces out right now and I’m excited to share them with y’all! I’m also excited to include some men’s pieces in this post. The best part about holiday plaids is that you know year after year they will be in style! So you may want to consider investing in a timeless piece.

Printed Tie Neck Dress – J.Crew Factory

Y’all may have seen me wear this in a recent Instagram post. I love the flair this adds to a basic black watch print. The fuchsia stripe really adds some fun flair and makes it fall friendly in my opinion. J.Crew is always having AMAZING sales, so make sure to watch for those! It ran true to size, and I got a size Small.

9″ Breaker Shorts for Men & Boys – Vineyard Vines

These are kinda iconic in my opinion lol. Perfect for if you live somewhere warm but still want to dress holiday! They have these in both mens and boys. And, if you need full length pants, they have those as well.

Laney Pumps with Bows – J.Crew

Every ounce of my being wishes these weren’t $200 shoes. They are so freaking cute! The heel height is perfect for me, and the pattern and the bow are beyond perfect. A girl can dream!

1/2 Zip Sherpa – Vineyard Vines

Vineyard Vines is totally getting into the sherpa trend and I am here for it! This piece is just gorgeous and I would totally wear it myself. It looks so cozy!

V-Neck Tank – J.Crew Factory

Don’t want to plunge into a full black watch piece quite yet? This tank is perfect! Plus it is SUPER AFFORDABLE. Like I said, J.Crew Factory is always having great deals. At the time of writing this it is on sale for $22.50 plus you can get an extra 20% off. What a steal!

Men’s Club Belt – Vineyard Vines

I am super lucky that Grant is a very adventurous dresser and he trusts my opinion when it comes to fashion, but I know some guys aren’t willing to wear plaid pants lol. Vineyard Vines has some great black watch accessories to introduce the idea. They have this belt (Grant loves their club belts), and they even have some black watch socks!

Bow Midi Skirt – J.Crew Factory

This skirt is just so cute! I love the bow, the cut… everything about it! I tried it on at my local J.Crew Factory and while it didn’t look quite right on me, I think it’d look great on others. I also love the length; it’s not a skirt you’ll feel exposed in.

Ties – J.Crew Factory

Looking for black watch ties? J.Crew Factory has you covered! They have a bow tie (linked above) as well as a classic neck tie. They are both wool, which is a nice holiday touch in my opinion. The regular tie seems to be a “skinny” tie with a 2.5” width, but I know some guys prefer that. Both are under $30 at the time of writing this!

Velvet T-Shirt Dress – Vineyard Vines

The fact that this piece is velvet gives it a great winter flair! It’s a great piece that could be dressed up or down. I also think a lot of teens would be a fan of this for the holidays. They also have a top that has a cute bow detail if you’d prefer that.

Crew Neck Sweater – Old Navy

This is such a fun piece from Old Navy! It’s definitely not everyone’s taste, but I think it could look really nice. This would be a great sweater to layer under a blazer.


I hope y’all enjoyed this little round up of black watch pieces! There were so many to choose from, but since Vineyard Vines, J.Crew Factory, and Old Navy are some of my favorite stores, I felt confident sharing the pieces. Leave a comment below and let me know which is your favorite!

Thanks for reading!


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