Y’all know that I am a huge Lilly lover, and while I don’t purchase as much Lilly in the fall/winter months, I still love to keep tabs on all of the pieces I like for when After Party Sale arrives. I haven’t done one of these posts in a while and since I know y’all always enjoy them and the holidays are coming up, I thought I’d share what I’ve had my eyes on – and maybe you can get some ideas on what to add to your list this year 😉

Noella Puffer Vest – $278

I’ll 100% admit that Lilly is not the most affordable brand… But a $278 vest kinda pushes it over the edge for me lol. However, this is a BEAUTIFUL piece and it will definitely be on my list for APS.

Silva Maxi Dress – $228

Everyone went crazy over this beauty when she first came out! I haven’t tried it on myself, but it is gorgeous. The green is so different, and I love the leopards. This is definitely a timeless piece that will be in style for a long time.

Belle Flounce Silk Dress – $258

As y’all may or may not know, I recently got engaged! So I am basically on the prowl for all the white dresses lol. This one is so gorgeous! I love the ruffles and the sleeves. We aren’t getting married until 2021, so even if I buy it in a future APS I’ll have plenty of opportunities to wear it as a bride-to-be.

Navia Skirt Set – $278

I tried this set on when it came out a few months ago and immediately fell in love! I even posted a pic of myself in it on my Instagram. However, I literally have nowhere to wear it until next summer or so. However, it’ll definitely be on my APS list because it is even more beautiful in person than online!

Odetta Sweater – $148

This sweater would be just gorgeous for the holiday season! I can picture it with a tartan plaid skirt… Adorable! It also comes in black for those of you who don’t trust yourselves to wear white lol.

Danni Jumpsuit – $198

This is another piece from early fall. I absolutely love this emerald green color! And who could resist the bows on the shoulders? This is another piece that also comes in black. I think the green or black could be dressed up beautifully for the holiday season!

Paradise Blanket – $58

I included this in my Lilly Lover Gift Guide for this year, but in a different print that’s no longer available online. However, I LOVE THIS NEW ONE! The new print Ruff Night has DOGS on it, and it makes me so happy. So cute, and definitely on my Christmas list.

Portia Shift Dress – $278

When the Portia Shift originally came out, it was definitely “the one that got away.” The one I saw previously was blue with a palm tree, but this ivory one is definitely more my style! This would be a beautiful piece for the holiday season.


That’s it for now y’all! Let me know if you want me to do more posts like this in the future. These Lilly ones always seem to be pretty popular, so as long as you want to see them I’ll keep writing them! Hopefully this gave you some ideas of what to put on your shopping list or wish list.

Thanks for reading!



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