Yeah, you read that right. I used Monistat – the vaginal anti-fungal cream – to help “solve” my hair loss.

I will first and foremost say I am in no way an “expert.” I am not an OB/GYN, nor a dermatologist, or even a cosmetologist. I am just someone who heard this worked, tried it out, and it worked for me! I don’t think this was the only thing that helped me get my hair back, but I do think it was a major part in it.

Let’s rewind back to when I first noticed my hair loss. Last summer (July-ish), I noticed my hair thinning a lot and falling out in large clumps when I showered. I mean everyone has some hair loss daily, and sometimes more when we shower. But this was an abnormal amount that I wasn’t used to.

I noticed the part in my hair getting wider and “balder,” and I noticed my hairline was farther back and I could see bald spots when I pulled my hair up (or even when I pushed it back with sunglasses).

I got to the point where I was so embarrassed and starting researching causes and solutions. After researching and thinking, I came to the conclusion it was hormonal. I had recently switched birth control pills, and that timeline made sense in my head.

I can now say I am 99% sure that is what caused my hair loss. I will admit I never consulted a doctor about this in person (which I know isn’t a good idea). But I did some research on the new pill I was on and surely enough the symptoms I had been getting correlated with other women’s experiences (extremely sensitive breasts, wearing a bra hurt, hair loss, extreme mood swings). So I decided after I was done with my current pack I would be done with birth control. This was extremely scary for me since I was originally put on it when I was 16 for ovarian cysts. I had no clue how my body would react, but I would do anything to potentially get my hair back.

At that same time, I had found out that others had used Monistat to get hair growth. It was the craziest thing I had heard, but it was the cheapest solution I had found and figured why not… From my research, this seemed to be more popular with African American women, but I had seen some white women (and men) try it as well.

So for the first time ever, I headed to the store to buy Monistat 7. I also bought a spray bottle, and I already had some deep conditioner at home. I had decided to combine different methods I had seen and hope for the best. There wasn’t one particular source I used as my holy grail during this process. There honestly wasn’t a huge amount of information on it.  I was basically performing a science experiment on myself – which is why I don’t really have exact measurements for any of this lol.

There were a few things that were universal from my research: you had to dilute the Monistat, you should only use it 2-3 times a week, and you shouldn’t use it more than a month at a time (since it is an anti-fungal, you can become resistant to it).

I would use it twice a week – which is how many times I normally wash my hair a week. The night before my hair wash, I would spray my hair down with “Monistat water.” I would fill up a spray bottle with water then put Monistat in it, and shake it until it was blended well. I don’t have a measurement for how much I’d put in, but for reference, the one container of Monistat 7 lasted me for exactly 1 month of treatment. Do with that information what you will…?

Then I would take a paper plate and use 1 spoonful of deep hair conditioner, then squeeze some Monistat into that (around a nickel-quarter sized amount). I would then mix it and apply it to my scalp. I personally focused on my hairline, my part, and the sides of the front of my head since that was where the majority of my hair loss was.

I would sleep in this overnight – I made sure to use a crappy pillowcase that I could wash a lot. It would get crusty lol. But the next morning I would shower and wash it out. It made my hair SO SOFT. Obviously because of the deep conditioner, but it was great. Also, I should add that I do have oily hair but this didn’t really affect it at all.

A week in, I kid you not, I could feel and see hairs coming from my scalp in the places it was balding, kinda how your legs feel a few days after shaving. I thought I was crazy, but Grant and other friends validated what I saw/felt. I did this same method 2-3 times a week for a whole month (October).

It’s now January and I plan to start another cycle of the hair treatment. But my before, during, and after photos speak for themselves! I have even been getting compliments on my hair from people who had no clue I was doing this treatment. My hair is stronger, healthier, and has gotten longer overall!

The photos below are before treatment, a few weeks into treatment, and then the last day of my treatment. I left the date stamps on them so y’all could see the timeline for yourselves.

I would say the most noticeable change is definitely my hairline, particularly the left side (my right, your left). It was so great to begin to feel confident again. Since I wear my hair out of my face most of the time (in a ponytail or using a headband) it was great to be able to do that again without being self-conscious.

So if you’re experiencing hair loss, I would honestly recommend giving this a try! Obviously, if you’re experiencing something more intense, I would consult a doctor of some kind. But trying this did no harm, it worked, and it was cheaper than a lot of other potential solutions lol.

Feel free to leave your questions below, or connect with me on Instagram to talk to me in private!