I got hair extensions! If you follow me on Instagram, you may already know this – I actually got them way back in October. But I’ve had them for a while now – and have since gone back to my natural hair – and I wanted to test the waters and see how I liked them before sharing more. I already answered some questions a while back on my Instagram, but I wanted to write a post as well since this is more permanent – and in case you missed the info on IG.

I decided to compose this more Q & A style to make it easier to read, and so you can hopefully get the answers you’re looking for faster. Let’s get into it!

Why did you get extensions?

When I was younger I had SUPER THICK HAIR. I literally looked like I was wearing a wig as a toddler. And considering my parents are Greek & Native American, I am overall a hairy person – TMI but it’s true. As I got older my hair wasn’t nearly like it was when I was a small child. As I reached my late teens I never liked how my hair looked – it was always so flat, my ear would peak out of it, and it truly didn’t make me feel confident. I felt like every few years I’d go between short and long hair cuts because I never liked any certain style enough.

In 2019 I started experiencing hormonal hair loss, thanks to my birth control. Thankfully I grew most – if not all – of it back (you can read more about that here). After that experience and still working to get part of my hairline back, I accepted that I really wanted to take steps to become more confident with my hair – and my natural hair just was not going to cut it for me personally.

Once we moved back to PA last summer, I decided to start doing some research into extensions & finally take the leap of faith – and I am so glad I did!


What type of extensions did you get & why?

When I went to my new stylist – Tori Nicolazzo if you’re in the Pittsburgh area looking for someone new (we were actually in Girl Scouts together as kids!) – I told her about my struggle with hair loss.  I was nervous because there is a lot of controversy on extensions damaging hair and causing hair loss. And while I am in NO MEANS a professional on hair, Tori assured me that at the end of the day it more has to do with what extensions you choose AND how you take care of them. That is why Tori suggested that I do tape in extensions rather than beaded extensions. Beaded extensions put more *new* hair on a smaller strand of natural hair, therefore causing more tension and pulling. While tape in more evenly distribute the weight.

Some Pros & Cons of Tape In Extensions

There are pros and cons to extensions as a whole – but also between different kinds of extensions. Tape in extensions, as I said before, don’t pull as much as a beaded extension. They also cost less – but they still are not cheap. One con of tape ins is that you are encouraged to blow dry your hair so the tape doesn’t come loose. This was a big adjustment for someone like me who rarely dried their hair. But honestly my hair ended up looking better and healthier when I used a blow dryer. And, with any extensions, getting them moved up takes time and money. So be prepared to be in the salon for ~2 hours every ~6 weeks. And coming from someone like me who does not dye their hair or get it cut often, that’s a lot of time to spend in the salon.


Now this will depend on your region, stylist, hair you get etc. And honestly, I didn’t price any other salons – but I have been more than satisfied with Tori & my extensions. My *new* hair cost $400 – this is real human hair that can be dyed, curled, etc. Essentially you can treat it like your natural hair. The hair is yours to keep – you literally own it and can take it in/out when you please. Tori’s Mom has the same brand of tape ins as I do and hers lasted her ~3 years and she only removed hers once or twice. However, if you take them out more frequently they can last longer. (But some places also say that tape ins will only last 4-6 months – so idk?). Additionally, it costs me about $120 every ~6 weeks to move up. Your move up tip will depend on how fast/slow your hair grows, but it typically around the 6 week mark. Now, if you go somewhere in LA, NYC, or Miami – or another major city – extensions can be well over $1,000. But this is just based off of my experience.

Do you like them?

Yes! I honestly love them. They really took some getting used to. The first time I got them in I could definitely feel the tension on my scalp for a few days, but as the hair grew out it felt more comfortable. And then when I got them moved up I didn’t have that feeling again! Getting hair extensions has given me so much confidence & I love doing my hair now. I feel as if before I damaged my hair more because I would throw it up in a bun so often because I didn’t want to deal with it. I truly think they were worth every penny, and I recommend trying them if you’re curious!

Why did you get them taken out?

Like I said before, it was a lot to get used to. I was putting more time, money, and effort into my hair than ever before. I originally got them put in during late October. I got them moved up early December, and in January I decided to *temporarily* remove them. This was for a few reasons. 1 – I wanted to give my hair some time to breathe, which my stylist was all for. As I previously shared, extensions CAN cause hair loss – especially if they’re worn for too long. So I decided to take a break for ~2 months, which I think was a great decision. 2 – So I could save some money. After all, we do have a wedding coming up – and money adds up! I originally wanted extensions to try them for our wedding, and I loved them. So I will be getting them back in mid-March and then moved up the last day of April so they will be perfect come our wedding day. 3 – I wanted a break. While I love my hair extensions, it’s a lot of work having to blow dry and style that much hair. And my break from them has truly made me realize how much I love them. When I first removed them, it was like a breath of fresh air – but now, a month+ later – I miss them! But I am still glad I gave my scalp a break for a bit. Plus, we are going to Disney next week and I’d rather not have to take care of that much hair while on vacation if I can help it. Also I thought I would mention, in my experience, my hair looks much healthier now than it did when I first got my extensions in. I truly feel that it helped my hair grow!

I hope y’all enjoyed reading about my experience with tape in extensions. If you have any questions feel free to comment, email me, or reach out on IG – I’d love to talk to you!

Thanks for reading!