Happy New Year! I cannot believe it is already 2020. So much has happened over the past year and I’m not gonna lie, 2019 was a pretty great year for me. However, I’d like to make 2020 even better! I don’t normally make a New Year’s “resolution,” but I do like to set goals for myself.

I am pretty good at making lifestyle changes and making new goals throughout the year, not just in December/January. However, the new year is a great time to have a clean slate and start anew. So today I wanted to share 10 goals I have for myself in 2020! Maybe you can adopt some of these goals in the new year as well. 

1. Exercise Better – While I’ve consistently worked out for years, this year I got out of the habit of “hitting it hard” at the gym. When I put more effort in, I see more positive changes both physically and mentally.

2. Improve Mental Health – My mental health is something I’ve struggled with for a long time. However, in 2019 I saw significant positive changes in many aspects of it. I’d like to continue that into 2020 and got The Five Minute Journal to help do so.

3. Read More – I have never enjoyed reading. I wish I did, but I get too distracted and bored to do so productively. Grant and I made this goal together and we want to try to read every night before bed, whether it’s together or separately.

4. Save Money – Grant and I sat down the other evening, broke down our finances, and set a new budget for 2020. We have a wedding to save for and we want to start putting more toward our savings for a future home.

5. Pay Down Debt – Paying down debt can be very stressful! When we set our new budget for 2020 we made sure to put more toward debt than we did in the past. We are super confident in the changes we made and are excited to implement these changes.

6. Buy Intentionally – I somewhat touched on this in a previous blog post. But, I’ve started to make an effort to buy things with intention. Clothes and accessories are my weakness, and it’s hard to not cave in to trends. However, I’ve been making an effort to buy high quality items that I will actually use, even if they cost a bit more. This will help me spend money more productively and not spend as much.

7. Eat In More – Living in a tourist hub like Orlando can make it difficult to want to eat in. But in efforts to save money and be healthier, Grant and I have knocked down our eating out budget. Not saying we will not eat out at all, but just not as much as we usually do.

8. Plan Ahead – While I truly am an organized person and love to plan ahead, it can be hard for me to plan ahead with my blog and Instagram. This year I want to make more of an effort to do that. I don’t have classes again until January 13th so it’s my goal to have all of January planned by then – if not earlier.

9. Grow My Audience – I would love to grow my blog & Instagram audience more this year. Since hitting the one year mark on my blog this fall, I’ve been thinking about the future of it. Do I want to do this full time? Do I want to make this my career? And if I want to do that then I need a larger audience. (You all can help me with this by sharing my Instagram & blog with friends and family members if you feel so inclined!)

10. Be Happy – Over the past year I’ve felt very happy and content with my life. I’ve learned to count my blessings and know that I can create my own happiness. A lot of things have helped me be a happier person and I want to strive to continue to do those things in 2020.


I hope y’all had a great holiday season and have a very happy new year! Let me know some of your goals for the new year below.