Running any sort of race takes a toll on your body, whether you’ve trained or not. Not to mention runDisney events often have us running races multiple days in a row, which can make things even more painful at times. Needless to say it is crucial to take care of and listen to your body when you’re putting it through events it is not used to. Waking up at 3am, running multiple miles in a climate you may not be used to, and then potentially going to a park afterwards… We’re all clearly crazy lol.

But today I’m going to share with you some ways I recover from Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend!

Ice After The Race

RunDisney is great about having so many great resources for runners before, during, and after the race. After my longer races (10k & 1/2 marathon) I always head to the medical tent. You can typically find the tent to your right after you get your medal at the finish line. Tons of helpers are there and you just tell them want you want/need, I normally ask them to wrap my knees with ice.

Take Baths

A good epsom salt bath can do wonders post race! As soon as I get back to my hotel room after a 10k or half marathon, I immediately head to the bathroom to take a hot bath. Epsom salt, cypress oil, and Basin bath bombs are my favorite add-ins.

Take It Easy

Most of the time I do not go to the parks after the races. There are countless amounts of people who go straight from the finish line right into the park, but that is just not for me. I love to relax at my resort, go to the pool, make special dining reservations, etc. And I make sure the night before races I’m in my room, ready to at least get into bed around 7pm. Race weekends are not the best time to prioritize park time. If you want to do the parks while you’re traveling for a race I recommend to do it the days before and after, or only go for a few hours the day of.

Fuel My Body

Fueling your body properly before race weekends is crucial! Be sure to carb-load properly, and try your best to stay away from fried foods and “junk”. While it can be super hard to do that at Disney, try your best because it is worth it to feel your best! Also be sure to take advantage of all of the freebies post-race. Take all the water bottles and Powerades you’d like. And don’t forget your snack box!

Take A Break

I am a person who is extremely active, I work out 5 days a week and have done so for about 6 years now. However, after I run a half marathon I try to give myself a week off from the gym. Sometimes I really can’t stay away but I will only let myself do weights, not cardio. It is so important to allow your body time to heal and build itself back up. So don’t stress yourself out too much and take a break!

Thanks for reading!