Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend 2020 begins THIS THURSDAY! Can y’all believe how quickly this weekend has snuck up on us? Today I’m going to share some tips with y’all about things you won’t want to miss during the weekend. These may be things you’ve done before, or never even heard of! I got a request to share some insight on events that happen at the expo, so I’ll include some of those as well. Enjoy!

runDisney Interactive Zone

This is an area of the expo very little people take advantage of. All of the activities held here are FREE, even if you’re not running! Some of the activities include yoga classes, Q&A with Olympian Jeff Galloway, a foam rolling class, animation academy, a wine/beer tasting, as well as some other activities. You can check out the complete list of events as well as a time schedule HERE. You can find the Interactive Zone on the top floor of the VISA Athletic Center.

Get Taped by KT Tape Experts

This is something I try to take advantage of every year! KT tape has been a lifesaver for me over the years, and it is a must if you get shin splints or have another injury before/during/after a run. If you head to the KT Tape booth at the expo they will tape up to 2 areas FOR FREE! The best part is, is that KT Tape is waterproof, so you can keep it on to swim and shower for a few days.  I swear in the past you had to purchase a roll of tape to get taped, but it doesn’t say anything about that on the website. But whether you have to buy the tape or not, it is a great thing to do! These experts know how to properly tape any kind of injuries; shin splits, tennis elbow, back pain, and so much more! They’ll explain what they’re doing so you can do it yourself later. Head to this page, and scroll down to KT Tape and select “Get the details” for more info!

Character Meet & Greets

So y’all probably know about the variety of meet and greet you can find during the races at runDisney events. However, don’t forget there are meet and greets at the expo, as well as BEFORE & AFTER the races! At the expo you can find meet and greets typically at The Arena, which is where you can find your official RunDisney merchandise. I always preach that it pays to get to the races early, they normally have 4 princesses out for meet and greets before the DPHMW races, and after the races they are there as well. You can also find Minnie in her princess gear after some races as well. Doing meet and greets before & after races, as well as at the expo, will save you some time during your run. Don’t let the balloon ladies get ya!

Disney Floral & Gifts Booth

This is more of a PSA for spectators lol. But on Sunday at the finish line area of the half marathon, you’ll be able to find a table where you can purchase a “congrats” gift for your runner! Some of the gifts include roses, Princess sashes, as well as some other items. While it is not a huge selection, it’s a great little gift to let your runner now you’re proud of them!

Medal Engraving & Pictures

Don’t forget to head to the MyDisneyExperience App after your race(s) to get access to your race photos! If you’re a WDW AP who has PhotoPass, your pictures are FREE. Go to the app, select “link photos”, then “type to link photopass card.” From there you’ll enter one of the codes below that coordinate to your race, and replace the X’s with you bib number.

Half Marathon: 2020-PRIN-HLFx-xxxx
10K: 2020-PRIN-10Kx-xxxx
5K: 2020-PRIN-S5Kx-xxxx
Kids Races: 2020-PRIN-KIDx-xxxx

If you’re interested in getting your medal engraved with your time/placement/name/etc I believe there is a booth after the races that offer medal engraving. In the past I’ve also gotten my medals engraved at Disney’s Wonderful World of Memories at Disney Springs, located near the Christmas store. It was extremely affordable to get them engraved, and it’s a great way to commemorate the race.

I hope y’all enjoyed these tips & tricks for DPHMW 2020. I can’t wait for the weekend to start, it’s my favorite weekend of the year! As always, if you have any questions be sure to connect with me on Instagram.

Thanks for reading!