Long time, no talk y’all! This was definitely an unintentional two-week break, but it was much needed and deserved. A lot has happened over the last two weeks (hello, coronavirus). But at least at a time like this I do have some knowledge to share with y’all!

I have been doing school online for three years now, and Grant (my fiancé) has worked from home for about 2 years as well. I know many people are encouraged or forced to do the same during this time, so I wanted to share some tips with y’all. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; working from home/online school is not for everyone. But at a time like this we don’t have the luxury to choose, so hopefully these tips can help you out!

Set A Schedule

I cannot stress this enough! I know at first you may want to catch up on sleep (or Netflix), but since we’ll be doing this for 2+ weeks, you’ll want to implement a schedule at some point. It will really help you to structure your day and make sure that you’re working effectively. Check out my normal day-to-day schedule below (and keep in mind this is before social distancing began):

8am-9am: Wake up. I have the luxury of not having to set an alarm, but I typically wake up between 8 and 9. Grant wakes up at 8am and immediately starts work.

9am: Read emails, make my to-do list, catch up on social media.

9:30am: Make the bed, eat breakfast, brush teeth/get “dressed” (workout clothes).

10am-Noon: School work. I give myself 2 hours for school work in the morning, and some days I get everything done in those two hours. Other days I have to continue on in the afternoon.

Noon-1pm: Workout. Since our gym is closed, Grant and I have been doing 20-30 minute walks and 30-40 minutes of weights/abs in our apartment. Workout while quarantine post coming soon!

1pm: Lunch

1:30pm: Shower & get dressed for the day.

2pm-4pm: Continue school work or blog work.

4pm: R&R; watch YouTube or Netflix, read, whatever I want to do that isn’t “work.”

5pm: “Sign off” for the day. Spend the evening with Grant!

Set A Daily Goal

If you’re working a job from home, this may be easier for you since you have specific deadlines. When it comes to school from home, *most* things are not due until the end of the week (Sunday). Each Monday morning I’ll sit down, go through my work for the week, and assign different classes or projects to each week day. This way I break up my work and stay sane. I could do everything in one or two days, but that isn’t fun for anyone, and I don’t do that unless necessary. Occasionally, I save items such as un-proctored exams to do during the weekend if my week is busy.

Take Breaks

Taking a break when needed is crucial! That is why I prefer doing some school work in the morning and some in the afternoon if needed. Chances are if you’re working on a larger project that takes 3+ hours, you’ll eventually get tired and frustrated. Allow yourself breaks to eat, workout, take a shower, etc. It will help you keep your sanity!

Get Out Of The House

At a time like this it will definitely be harder, but not impossible. Grant and I both shut down school/work for the day by 5pm to give our brains time to relax and get out. Right now you may only be able to go for a walk or a car ride, but still do it! I promise it’ll make a huge difference. Sometimes Grant and I will get caught up in work/school so much and we’ll spend 2-3 days indoors. It definitely takes a toll on our mental health, and we now make sure to give our bodies time out.

Don’t Work In Bed

This is something I cannot stress enough. Do not work in bed!! It will seriously mess with your brain, whether you realize it or not. Work from your kitchen, a desk, dining room, even a couch if needed, but don’t sit in bed and work. After a few days it’ll be harder for you to fall asleep. Keep your room a tech-free zone!

Stay Active

Again, this is definitely harder in the coronavirus scenario, but staying active is so important. Think about when you’re normally at your office or on campus: even if you sit at a desk, you walk around quite a bit. At home you may be going 10 paces from the couch to the fridge. Over time you may feel lethargic and not yourself. We always make an effort to go to the gym at least 5 days a week, and on the weekends we try to stay out most of the day. Going for walks are an easy way to keep moving. Don’t underestimate getting your steps in!

Fuel Your Body

When you’re sitting at home working, you may be tempted to grab a snack and mindlessly eat the day away. Make sure before, or shortly after, you start your work/school day to eat a good breakfast and continue to fuel your body properly throughout the day – this includes drinking water. You’ll feel much better if you do! Also set a specific lunch time, and even make a menu for the week to give yourself some structure. If you do need a snack, be sure to snack smart!


I hope these tips help you throughout these crazy next few weeks as we all practice social distancing and try to flatten the curve.

Stay safe! Cheers,