Not gonna lie, I was extremely disappointed when our gym closed due to covid-19. I completely understand the reasoning behind it, but I was instantly worried for my health and fitness routine! As someone who works out at least 5 days a week, being a couch potato during all of this just isn’t an option. It would not only affect my physical health, but my mental health as well.

I rounded up some of my favorite ways to stay active while still social distancing! I’m not gonna lie, the past few days my creativity has sparked while working out and my workouts are better than ever. So I hope you find some of these tips helpful & motivational!

Get Outside

This may be easier for some people than others. It depends on the neighborhood you live in, as well as region of the country if now is a good time to go out! But if you can, I encourage it. Whether you take a walk, a run, a jog, or even a bike ride (I also saw grown adults rollerblading and skateboarding in our apartment complex) – get outside! We’ve been taking walks daily and setting up some challenges for ourselves along the way; walking lunges, squat jumps, side shuffles, etc. After just one day of doing some lunges the booty is burning!

Turn To Social Media

I cannot explain to you how amazing of a tool social media can be for workouts! Whether it’s Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube – use those tools to your advantage. My blogger friend StyleHerStrong is a certified personal trainer and has shared some KILLER workouts on her IGTV – I highly recommend her ab workout. Back when I was in high school I absolutely loved doing Blogilates – Cassey Ho’s – workouts on YouTube. She has workouts of all kinds and all fitness levels – FOR FREE – on her channel.

Use What You’ve Got At Home

Remember those resistance bands and weights you bought a few new years ago? Time to get them out! Most of us probably have some form of exercise equipment in our home – whether we realize/remember it or not. Remember that Just Dance 2015 game for the Wii? Or the classic, Wii Fit? Now is a great time to get those out and break a sweat!

Access Free Resources

Now more than ever, our country is coming together to help one another. So many companies have released free resources for all of us to utilize during this time. Planet Fitness has free workouts on Facebook every evening – and you can playback previous day’s workouts. Peloton has a 90-day free trial on their app – which has more than just bike and treadmill workouts. There are so many free offers out there at this time – utilize them!

I hope those tips were helpful for y’all, and maybe I shared some new information! Be sure to stay safe and healthy!