Today I wanted to answer a question I have been getting for a while now. Each time I post on my Instagram stories or in a post mentioning or wearing an item from KJP I get the question, “Is KJP really worth it?”

I know the holiday season is upon us and KJP thrives in the fall and winter. So you may be curious if you should make the splurge for yourself or someone else this holiday season. Hopefully this post will help you out and answer some of your questions!

I think it is fair to say everyone has a different idea of quality, or whether something is worth the price it is set at. Additionally, some people are more willing to spend more money on clothing than others. I would like to think I am a mix between the two. I am willing to spend good money on clothes, as long as the quality is there and/or the style is something unique that I can’t get anywhere else.

I personally find value in quality. I would rather spend $100 on a sweater that will last 5+ years rather than a $20 on a sweater that will last a season. This is why I love brands like The North Face – I have had my winter coat for 6 years now and it is still going strong. I also put value into aesthetic… do I like how this looks on me? Do I like the style, design, color, etc? This is why I often shop at brands like Lilly Pulitzer; I am not saying they do not have quality pieces, but the designs and style of it also makes it worth it for me to buy.

I think KJP as a brand is at a crossroads of quality and style for me, much like Lilly Pulitzer. I will not sit here and say that their sweaters are the best quality I have ever tried, because that is not the case. Do I think you can find a better quality sweater for around the same price? Yes. But, will you find something that is as unique or special? Probably not.

The pieces I have bought from them in the past I have purchased because I love the style or artwork on them, and I have not solely purchased for the quality. Do not get me wrong, they do have good quality items that I think will last years, but again – you could probably get a nicer, plain piece for the same price. But at the end of the day, you are not going to find the designs of their sweaters, socks, or dresses anywhere else, which adds value to it in my opinion.

Another factor I wanted to address about their sweaters is that some people find them to be extremely itchy. I will admit that I can see why some people find them itchy. However, it personally does not bother me, but that is a personal opinion. I don’t really have sensitive skin or allergies or anything that would make me prone to itchiness, so I can only speak for myself. My fiancé is definitely more prone to something like that, but he has not had any issues either. At the end of the day, they have a 30 day return policy so if you do not like it, return it!

I also wanted to add that KJP is a small business, which is something I personally like to support. While I do wish more of their items were made in the USA, some of their items are and they ship everything from New England.

So whether or not you decide to purchase from KJP is your decision, but this is just my two cents and I hope I answered some of your questions! I will say they ship quickly, they have beautiful packaging, and you will get a good quality item that you will not find anywhere else!