Today I wanted to share something fun I got in the mail this past week, as well as share my unbiased thoughts with you! As y’all probably know, I am a huge Disney fan and a Lilly lover, so many years ago I discovered Pretty Little Monograms. If you have never heard of them, they are a great small business specializing in all things Disney and preppy. They sell so many unique items for women, men, and kids – and they are always rotating their designs so there is something for everyone.

A while ago they started selling PLMystery Mailers, and I have definitely been curious. They come out with a different mailer each month, each of a different theme. It is NOT a subscription, which gives you the flexibility to just buy one or get one each month.

So let us dive into September’s PLMystery Mailer!

P.S. I didn’t want to spoil too much in my cover pic – so the shirt I am rocking is from Caloosa WaterWear – use code JAYME20 for a discount!

This month’s theme was none other than Halloween! They tend to do holiday mailers the month before the holiday, so you have some time to enjoy the pieces. Each mailer included multiple items – this number may vary based on the month, but it will tell you in the mailer description. But each mailer includes an item with an exclusive design from Pretty Little Monograms!

I paid $65 for my mailer, plus $3.71 in shipping. I believe it promised 4-5 items from either PLM or other small shops (the listing is no longer live and it differs from month to month and I can’t quite remember). I was also required to check a box stating I understood it would ship on 9/29 (since I ordered 9/1).

Here is what I got in my PLMystery Mailer!

The stars of the show were definitely the tee and hat – both of which are so fun! I was supposed to be going to WDW this month, and I was looking forward to rocking these there. Even though we are no longer going, these are pieces that are festive to wear at home as well! I like how they gave us an option with the shirt color. I could also choose between a women’s fitted or a unisex. I chose a unisex medium so I could wear it to lounge around in after Halloween. Some months they even offer other options for a higher price point – such as 1/4 zips or raincoats! Plus these items combined would be $55 – so that is most of the money I spent on this box!

The smaller items I got were also super fun. I truly love all of them! Again, such fun items to take to the parks or to celebrate with at home. All of these companies I had heard of, but I had only purchased from Prep Obsessed in the past. I feel like there is a good variety of stuff as well; there is really something for everyone! My favorite item would have to be the button, but I really love the earrings and keychain as well. While I couldn’t guess-timate values for the can cooler or sticker sheet, the other items total approximately $26 – that combined with the $55 from the other items is $81 total – which is awesome!

So what are my final thoughts? Is it worth it? In my opinion, yes! I was super satisfied; I think it is all super cute and fun for Halloween. I also think it is a great way to shop small, and discover new small shops you may love!

If you are interested in a PLMystery Mailer, October ones are currently on sale with the theme “Dots, Dots, Dots!” This one is only $49, but there are upgrade opportunities to receive other clothing pieces. This may be a great box to snag as a holiday gift for the Disney lover on your list. You get a good bang for your buck, plus it helps you discover other small shops you may not have tried! You can click HERE to shop Pretty Little Monograms’ website!

I hope y’all enjoyed this post and that it gave y’all some insight if you have been curious about the box. Happy shopping!



Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own. Some links given are referral links.