If you’ve been following me for a while, you will know the many changes I’ve gone through over the past few years. While I’ve always had the blog to keep me busy part-time, it has never been a full-time gig for me. And while it is something I am open to pursuing, I haven’t reached that point yet.

Over the past 5 years or so I’ve mainly worked retail, which is honestly something I never imagined myself doing. And while it was fine for a temporary position, I knew that is not what I desired my life to be. While I have always enjoyed my retail positions, both past and present, I always dreamt of doing something else.

When I graduated from college in December of 2020 I got a job offer that I had to decline. While it was in my field of biobehavioral health, I knew I was going to be underpaid and overworked. And in my final two years or so of college I came to the realization I wasn’t majoring in something I actually wanted a career in. While I enjoyed my major and the things I learned, at the end of the day I wasn’t getting the degree I initially intended to get, though it was still in the health science space. Additionally, during college, I had found a new love for marketing, social media, writing, and so much more – all of which I discovered thanks to my blog.

Since starting to blog more regularly in the fall of 2018, blogging and I have had a bit of a rocky relationship – and I think anyone in this space can agree to that being their experience as well. But somehow, at the end of the day I could never give it up – and I’m happy that I never did.

So, if fell in love with social media and marketing two years into college, why didn’t I change majors? Well, I never really wanted to. I always felt like I still may pursue a career in healthcare but do the blog on the side – which was my intention until about January 2021. But graduating with a healthcare degree during a pandemic definitely shifts your perspective on things. And at the end of the day, I am truly glad I stuck with it for a few reasons. One, I would’ve probably been in school even longer – which I had no energy and patience for. And two, in today’s world when it comes to marketing and social media, you learn SO MUCH MORE by doing rather than sitting in a classroom with an outdated textbook. No textbook can teach you what the algorithm is doing this week, what the latest TikTok trend is, or how to get to the top of a Google search organically. I’m not trying to offend anyone who did go to school for these things, but there is no denying the reality of that. However, sometimes experiences without a degree mean nothing and vice versa, so to each their own.

Where am I now, you ask? Last fall, my husband led me to an idea with an opportunity I didn’t even know existed. An opportunity to have a full-time job with the flexibility I was yearning for, use the skills I have developed through my blogging years, plus it would likely only help my career as a blogger and creator. I took the plunge and three months later I was signing a contract. And now, a few weeks later, I can finally share this all with you.

As of 2/23/22 (crazy enough, it was supposed to be 2/22/22), I am the editor and owner of The Scout Guide Pittsburgh! If you have never heard of The Scout Guide, we create physical city guides, published annually, that are available in 70+ cities nationwide, shining a spotlight on local, independently owned small businesses. Each city’s guide is locally owned and 100% female-owned.

I had initially heard of TSG back in 2017 when I worked for Vineyard Vines on Worth Avenue. We received some guides to hand out in our store, I took one home, and I fell in love. Since then I have collected guides from all over the country. This past December I even got to attend the launch party for TSG Palm Beach Vol. 10. It was an incredible experience and one that really sold me on taking the leap.

Needless to say, I am so excited for this adventure. I know it is not going to be easy, but I know it will be worth it. I have such a passion for small business and the city of Pittsburgh, so I know it’ll be a great fit. Thank you to everyone who has supported me through my journey blogging. It is because of you that I am here!

And don’t worry – my blog and I won’t be going anywhere. If anything, I’ll have more exciting things to share with you all. Also, if you are aware of any business owners in the Pittsburgh area that may be interested in advertising with TSG Pittsburgh – please refer them to me! And if you’d like to support TSG Pittsburgh, you can do so by following us on Instagram and liking our page on Facebook – it means a lot to me!


If you want to learn more about my signing process with TSG or how to own TSG in your city, feel free to let me know – I’d love to chat.