Hey y’all!

I can’t believe I am turning 21 next week… It’s crazy how the past few years have flown by. Today I wanted to share with you some life lessons I’ve learned up until now. I most definitely do not know it all, I have a lot to learn! But I would like to think I’ve learned some valuable lessons in the years on this Earth I have had. Some of these things may be silly, some may be serious, all are things I’ve learned and knowledge I value. This may be a long one, so grab a snack and let’s reflect!

1. It’s okay to put yourself first.

2. It’s okay to remove yourself from toxic situations.

3. ALWAYS wash your makeup off before bed.

4. Peppermint oil & sleep are the only solutions to migraines.

5. People who say they hate McDonalds are lying to themselves and everyone around them.

6. Don’t eat the junk food, you WILL feel worse after eating it.

7. Not everyone goes through the partying phase in college, not everyone has a traditional college experience, and that’s okay.

8. It’s better to drop a class early than get a D in it later.

9. FAFSA sucks.

10. You aren’t crazy for leaving your hometown at a young age.

11. God doesn’t hate you if you live together before marriage.

12. Things may not work out according to your plan, but it may be God’s plan, and it WILL work out.

13. Purge your clothes and junk often.

14. Let yourself think for a few weeks before making a large purchase.

15. Some “BFFs” really aren’t BFFs.

16. It’s okay if you hate wearing heels (and by hate I mean refrain from wearing them because you resemble a baby deer on ice).

17. Just because someone’s parents are rich, doesn’t mean they are rich.

18. It’s okay to be sassy AND sweet. Just be sweet BEFORE you’re sassy.

19. Sometimes you have to feel out a person’s views/personality before you can go unfiltered around them.

20. Train your hair to only need washed around twice a week. Dry shampoo is a lifesaver.

21. Whoever said you have to pull all-nighters in college to get good grades is a liar.


There you have it! Those are just a few things I have learned in my 21 years of life. I  honestly could have written more, but wanted to say on theme 😉 Tell me in the comments one or two helpful life tips you’ve learned! I would love to hear them.