If you missed my introduction to this series last week, go ahead and read this post. If you already read it, welcome back! I’m excited to share some stuff this week…

My 22nd Birthday

That’s right y’all, next week is my 22nd birthday! I cannot believe how quickly my 21st year flew by. I had so many great accomplishments and memories associated with the past year of my life. But 2020 has already been great and I’m excited to see what it has in store. I guess that’s one perk with having my birthday close to the new year, I basically become a year older close to the start of each new year. The only plan I have for my birthday is having a site visit for our wedding, which I’m super excited for, but the rest of the day we’ll be flying by the seat of our pants lol.

Taylor Beach Design Valentine’s Day Collection

I am a huge fan of Valentine’s Day decor… I mean, pink is my favorite color. But Taylor Beach Design has taken it to the next level. I got the chance to meet her during the holiday season and even snag a piece from her Christmas line (some of which is on sale right now). She is so sweet and her art is beautiful! Not everyone’s style, but definitely mine. If you love chinoiserie style, her stuff is for you!

The Five-Minute Journal

I think I mentioned before that I got one of these for Christmas. I honestly had little faith that I’d remember to do it each morning, therefore it wouldn’t be effective. But honestly, I haven’t forgotten once and I’ve been loving it! I put it right on my night stand along with a pen, and I make sure to do it before I physically get out of bed. It gives you three prompts each morning and two at night, which always stay the same. They’re along the lines of ” Write a daily affirmation… What would make today great?… How could I have made today better?” It’s a great exercise to feel grateful and calmly inspect things that may not be going so great. I’ve really enjoyed it and highly recommend it!

Bride Swimmie from Show Me Your Mumu

I haven’t even started thinking about what I’m going to wear for different “wedding events.” But I saw an ad for Show Me Your Mumu on Instagram (I swear they listen to my convos), and I think I kinda need this adorable swim top lol. My thought is if I get it this spring/summer I can get two years of wear out of it…? It’s pricey but it is really “gram worthy” 😉

Island Tile Fleece Pullover from Vineyard Vines 

Another find from an Instagram ad… I saw this pullover and fell in love! I’ve really been embracing my attraction to blue and white as of late. It’s literally the majority of my wardrobe without me realizing it. This looks so cozy and I desperately want it! I think it would be a great transition piece from winter to spring.