I am starting a new weekly post here on my blog y’all! I have to admit, this is heavily inspired by Carly’s weekly “On My Radar” posts. She essentially shares things she’s been up to that week or things she’s seen on the internet that week that she finds interesting. I think it’s a great way to be more personable here on my blog!

I’ll just be sharing a few things each week, and the posts won’t be too long. But I hope you enjoy them nonetheless!


Lilly Pulitzer’s APS 

After Party Sale starts in store TODAY: Saturday, January 4th! Y’all know I’m a huge Lilly fan, and if you’ve ever wanted to try Lilly now is the time. I prefer shopping in store, but you can shop online starting Monday around 8am. I didn’t write the obligatory “APS Tips” post because I wrote one in September. But if you want an idea of items that will be on sale, I recommend checking out this Summer Wind blog post.


Disney x Gucci Collection

I have been waiting for this collab for a while now! The Three Little Pigs collection last year was so cute, and since this year is the year of the rat, Mickey is getting his turn. I have never owned anything from Gucci and I definitely don’t think I would use any of the purses, shoes, or clothing enough to actually purchase. But not gonna lie, my birthday is coming up and I am in need of a card holder 😉


Tory Burch Gemini Link Mini Bag

Speaking of my birthday… I bought myself a gift! One of my goals for 2020 is to buy things more intentionally (read: buy things I’ll actually use). I’ve been wanting a purse that is small, practical, and I can wear with basically anything in my wardrobe. I wasn’t actively seeking one out but if I found one, I found one. I was scrolling through Tory Burch’s sale section and saw this little beauty. The blue and white are my favorite color combo and majority of my closet is navy, however it comes in many other colors. Not to mention it was on sale with an additional 25% off, a match made in heaven! I went ahead and ordered it and I cannot wait to get it in. It won’t fit my current wallet (which is unnecessarily big), so I’m hoping for a nice card holder for my birthday.


Mean Streak by Sandra Brown

I’m putting another one of my 2020 goals into action: reading more. On January 1st Grant and I started the book Mean Streak by Sandra Brown. I had bought it my freshman year of college (3 years ago) and I’ve been wanting to read it. But as I’ve stated before, I’m not the best reader because I get super distracted. But Grant and I will read aloud and it helps me focus. So far I really like it! Without giving too much away, it’s about a runner that finds herself in a cabin deep in the woods. I’d say it’s a thriller/mystery sort of style. We’re around chapter 7 but chapter 4 was weirdly sexual, but we got through it haha. Maybe I’ll do a review once we’re done…?


Wedding Planning

I swear another wedding planning diary is coming soon! In the meantime, get caught up here. I’ve been emailing our planner a lot over the past week and we’re currently setting dates for appointments. We’ve changed our minds about a few things already, but it’s too early to say if those thoughts will stay permanent. I can’t wait to share more with y’all!




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