I did one of these posts for 2018’s holiday season, and I really wanted to write another one this year! Maybe it will inspire your gift giving for 2020, or maybe you’re just curious like myself haha.

Like last year, I’m just going to be doing my top 5 gifts I gave. This should go without saying, but this isn’t meant to brag in any way, and I am blessed that we were able to give some great gifts this holiday season. Let’s get into it!

Johnston & Murphy Howell Shoes

This was Grant’s “big gift” from me this year. He really wanted (and needed) a new pair of dress shoes, preferably a pair he could dress up or down. He actually picked them out himself, so it wasn’t a huge surprise, but I know he loves them.

Custom Boat Oar

This was one of our gifts to my Dad. They custom make these at The Boathouse at Disney Springs. There are tons of designs, colors, and fonts to choose from. My Dad loves anything nautical or customized, so this was right up his alley. We got the diver’s mask to represent our Greek heritage (sponge diving is a popular profession amongst Greek people). Sorry for the poor iPhone quality picture; I took this when I got it made and had no intention of posting it.

Melissa & Doug Diner

This was my almost 2-year-old nephew Percy’s gift. Not gonna lie, this thing is super cool! The front is a diner booth and the back has a kitchen, complete with a milkshake mixer and cabinets. It also came with tons of accessories like menus, food, money, and even a white board check. He has had so much fun with it (my butt still hurts from him making me squeeze into a booth lol). Definitely something he can play with for years to come!

PBTeen Ravenclaw Blanket

We got this blanket for Grant’s sister, Karli. Grant’s family are big Harry Potter fans, and when we saw the collections at Pottery Barn we knew we had to get something for someone! I love the fact that it is knitted as well. Pottery Barn did a great job on this collection and made it look classy instead of tacky.

Winter Brews 9-Pack

So my brother-in-law is super passionate about alcohol lol. But for real, he has all of these social apps about beer or whiskey, he’s in FB groups… it’s intense. We got him some items from World Market for Christmas, including this Winter Brews 9-pack. This isn’t sold online, but you can do a store search. They also had one with beers from around the world and another that was all Florida beers. He really loved it!


I really loved all of the gifts we gifted this year! We got my Mom and sister some Lilly, and Grant’s Dad received a Mickey Tommy Bahama shirt (he only wears Hawaiian print shirts), just to name a few more. I love finding the perfect gift for someone and seeing their reaction when they open it.