It’s been a minute y’all! I know it’s been a whole month since my last wedding update, but let me assure you there has been no break in planning. Behind the scenes we’ve been having a lot of discussions and have made a lot of choices. So let’s get into what we’ve done since my last diary.

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As I said in my last wedding post, the next thing on our to-do list was to speak with my parents about numbers, thoughts, and all of that “fun” stuff… Thankfully our discussion went much better than anticipated, and all is good! Before even discussing details with them we had designed our save-the-dates. Our goal was to get the “OK” from them, order the save-the-dates, and ship them soon after.

Now you may be saying to yourself, “But Jayme, I thought you wouldn’t know your date until a year out?” You’re right! We still do not know our wedding date!

However, after some deliberation we decided it was best to send out a “save-the-date” before hitting the one year mark. We decided this for a few reasons:

  • 90% of our guests will be traveling from PA. We want people to have a “heads up” and plan ahead as best as they can if needed. This was especially important because a lot of Grant’s cousins have smaller children and some of his cousins are teachers, so the earlier they’re aware, the better.
  • Things will escalate quickly after we get our date and I want to be able to send out formal invitations right after we sign our contract, which can be up to one month AFTER our one-year mark. I also plan to have my bridal shower in September therefore, I didn’t want to ship out 3 letters over the course of one month or so.
  • Overall, we did this because I am a planner! I’d rather be 3 steps ahead and look crazy than 3 steps behind and look clueless.

We ordered our save-the-dates from Zola, which is a great website that has tons of free resources for engaged couples. I highly recommended looking into it if you’re engaged! We decided to go with a simple postcard-style save-the-date. We didn’t need anything too fancy; it was purely for function. We ended up getting a set of 40 for less than $20, and that included the names and addresses pre-printed on them. It made it super easy because all we had to do was stamp and ship!

We decided to add some Disney magic to our postcards by stamping them at the Chamber of Commerce in Magic Kingdom. Just go in and ask a Cast Member for the mail stamp! Our Cast Member just let us stamp our postcards since we had so many. We then dropped them in the mailbox outside! I got a ton of questions on the postage stamps we used – they were a limited edition Disney Villains collection from 2017(?). We bought a ton when they came out and saved them specifically for our wedding one day to add some Disney flair!

We also got the chance to have some beautiful photos taken by my friend Ainsley. She did such a beautiful job and it was so nice to have fresh pictures for our wedding website! If you want to follow Ainsley or book her, you can find her on Instagram @ArtisticallyAinsley.

We’ve also made a wedding website AND made our wedding registries! The wedding registry was honestly one of the hardest things for us, and we were not looking forward to making it. We’ve lived together for years and are blessed to have everything we could ever want or need. But we sat down the other night and got it done! So many of the typical things people include on registries we already had and/or don’t want to get new ones of until we buy a house.

We ended up registering through Amazon, Williams Sonoma, and a site called, which is where  you can add items from sites that do not have a registry system. You can also do that with Amazon and Target, but Amazon wasn’t pulling pictures from the websites properly, so we ended up going with them instead.

So what is next on our list?? Disney’s Fairy Tale Wedding Showcase! We are so happy we scored tickets to this event and we can’t wait to go and get inspired! I’ll definitely do a blog post about it after we go on March 14th, but be sure to follow me on Instagram because I’m sure I’ll be doing stories the entire weekend.