So many of my friends, peers, and followers are engaged/getting married within the next two years. It is such an exciting time! Today I wanted to help some of you who may be thinking about starting to make their wedding registry – or it may even help those of you attending wedding and bridal showers as guests choose what to give to the couple.

Cookie-cutter lists of things to add to a registry are somewhat useless. So many people are at so many different stages in their life when getting married, and each couple’s lifestyle may require different tools. Some people may be home owners, while others rent, and some live with extended family. Some couples may have kids, some may have animals, etc. So today, I’m going to share with you five things we use regularly that we received over the past year as bridal shower and/or wedding gifts – and no, money/gift cards isn’t one of them (but of course they are appreciated and go to good use).

That being said, if we were homeowners at the time of getting married I definitely would have asked for a different list of items – and some of the items we did ask for, received, and love may not get used until that time comes for us. And of course, weddings are a time to treat yourself and others – definitely add some “fun” stuff to your registry that you may not use day-to-day, especially if it is out of the budget that you might want to spend on yourselves. But it is nice to receive items that will improve your day-to-day! But right now, the two of us with our cat living in a one-bedroom apartment, this is what we use!

1. Cuisinart Metal Classic 4-Slice Toaster

A 4-slice toaster was a game changer for us! We use this literally everyday. Having a 2-slice toaster for ~4 years got really old since we both typically eat something that needs toasted for breakfast each day. Do I still want the Revolution Touchscreen Toaster? Yes. But this was much more practical for our immediate needs.

2. Bissel Steam Mop

I had wanted some sort of steam mop for a while, so I added this to our registry. I think it is technically the “pet” model, but I think the only difference is the fragrance disk it comes with. But we really love this! It is easy to use and it can be used on a variety of surfaces (including the carpet!). Plus, it comes with 2 machine washable and reusable pads.

3. Amanda Lindroth Large Island Wrapped Pitcher

When we got engaged, I knew I wanted to put some of these island wrapped pieces from Amanda Lindroth on our registry. We received this pitcher and a set of tumblers – both of which we love! But we honestly use the pitcher the most since we use it both as a drink pitcher as well as a vase. I love the look of a fresh bouquet of hydrangeas in this pitcher – so consider an item like this to add to your registry that serves a double purpose!

4. Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System

I am a big smoothie gal – I go through phases with them but I often drink one a day. We had a small NutriNinja for years and it just wasn’t the best for the ingredients I was using it for (mainly frozen fruit), plus it was hard to make enough for both of us. This Ninja blender is much more powerful, it is easy to clean, and it can be used for so much more – especially since it includes a food processor attachment.

5. Presto Electric Griddle

We have been wanting one of these for years. And Grant did ask his parents for one for Christmas a few years back, but there was some miscommunication and they got him a cast iron stovetop griddle, which is extremely heavy. So we were excited to receive this one from our registry, and it makes day-to-day meals much easier! We use this mainly for breakfast – to make bacon, eggs, and the occasional pancake. Plus, we use it for dinner/snacks like quesadillas. It just makes cooking time and clean-up faster and easier, and no one has to have lukewarm food anymore!


That wraps up the 5 gifts from the wedding and bridal shower we actually use! Of course all of the gifts we received are appreciated and cherished, but these are some that we use on a daily/weekly basis that may inspire you for your own registry, or could be gifts that you give to a couple. If you’re married, what was your most used gift you received? I’m curious to know down below!