If y’all haven’t read my first wedding planning diary, you can do that here. If you have already read that, welcome back! Sorry I haven’t been on top of my posts over the past week. It was finals week so I was super busy with school work and didn’t have the mental energy to write at the end of the day lol.

Regardless, I am excited to share this post with y’all! Getting our ask gifts was the first “planning” thing we did after our engagement. I am a little obsessed with how they turned out!

ICYMI, our wedding party is three girls and three guys. We both independently chose our own bridesmaids/groomsmen, so it wasn’t the whole, “oh you need to include my sister then I need to include your brother” argument lol. I am personally not a big fan of large wedding parties, and even six total is a bit overwhelming for me.

I have my sister Tiffany as my Matron of Honor, my high school bestie Addie as my Maid of Honor, and my bestie Gabby as a bridesmaid. Grant has his little brother Bryce as his Best Man, and Michael (my BIL/Grant’s fraternity brother) as well as our bestie Vinnie as his groomsmen. And of course, we have our nephew Percy (Tiffany & Michael’s son) as our Ring Bearer. At the moment, we don’t have a flower girl which I am super sad about. So if a close friend or family member wants to pop out a baby girl in the next year and a half, that would be great lol jk kinda…

For Percy we purchased the SOFEST teddy bear from Target. I was ~shook~ by how soft it was and it was on sale for $12. I tried to find it online; I think it is this brand but not this exact bear. We couldn’t not include Disney, so we got Mickey ears customized with “Ring Bearer” embroidered on them. You can buy these and customize them online for baby, kids, and adults! Super cute, and he can wear them during our wedding trip.

As for the guys, we had to get a bit creative. All three of them got two pairs of novelty socks (Grant loves socks) which we purchased from Old Navy. They all got a Mickey Mouse pair, Vinnie got a pizza pair (he works at a pizza restaurant), Bryce got Mario (him & Grant love Nintendo), and Michael got Star Wars (something him and Grant bond over).

Additionally, Vinnie and Michael got a mini Crown Royal accompanied by a Disney whiskey glass we got from Arribas Brothers at Disney Springs. We also got them customized with their names (you can also purchase these online and get them customized here). Since Bryce is only 16, we decided to get him a YETI mug in navy with his name on it that he can use at home or camping. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of it, but you get the idea.

All of this we wrapped up and put in gift boxes from Joann Fabrics. The bins used for my bridesmaid’s gifts were from Target, both found near gift wrapping. The girls’ bins I customized with my Cricut and put, “Will you be my _______?” on them. I thought it was a nice touch!

I got each girl a pink sugar bath bomb from Basin and medium cosmetic bag from Vera Bradley in Rose Quartz. I got those customized at the Vera Bradley Disney Springs store. I love how the carriage was an embroidery option, so I got that with a single initial in the middle. Not gonna lie, they were pricey but so worth it! High key want one for myself lol.

Gabby and Addie also got pink wine tumblers I had shamelessly bought at Target on clearance months before we got engaged. I knew that was going to be a wedding color one day lol! My sister doesn’t really drink, and she definitely doesn’t drink wine, so I got her a Starbucks cold cup tumbler. I used my Cricut and customized all of those as well with their names.

I absolutely love how all of these little gifts turned out! These are definitely not necessary when you’re planning a wedding, but if you have some extra funds it’s so much fun in my opinion.

I’m not gonna lie, A LOT has happened on the wedding planning front since my first diary (which was only a week ago), so I will definitely be writing another one of these next week lol. I promise I’m not turning into a wedding blogger, but on Instagram y’all seem super interested so I guess that’s good!

Thanks so much for reading!