Hey y’all! I asked y’all on my Instagram what post you wanted to see next. I had an overwhelming response to write a blog post including last minute stocking stuffers, so here it is! I’ve included a variety of items, so hopefully there’s something for everyone on your list.

Pop Charger

I had never in my life seen these before until I took a trip to The Primrose Shop here in Orlando. I ended up getting some as stocking stuffers for family members. They are super handy and are a great travel or emergency gadget! They allow you to charge your iPhone for up to 5 hours of talk/text time. Plus, you don’t need a cord! These would be great to put in an emergency/hurricane kit, keep with camping supplies, put in your favorite travel bag, or even just to keep in the car. If you’re in the Orlando area, The Primrose Shop sells them. I’ve found some listings on Amazon, but it also appears that Ace Hardware sells them. They range between $5-$7 each.


I remember first hearing about these years ago, but at the time they were around $20 so I never tried them. I recently picked them up at Target for $3-$4 each. The point of them is to protect your toothbrush when traveling and at home. It sterilizes it and keeps it clean for 3 months. Y’all don’t even wanna know what gets on your toothbrush from being exposed in your bathroom… It’s something very practical that not many people have heard of. And I can tell it’s working! There is a small ventilated “sterilizer” pad (?) on the side of it, and as it catches dirt and germs you can see it change color. Amazon also sells them in a two pack for $6.99.

Sweater Stone

I mentioned this on one of last year’s gift guides. I got one for Grant and it is amazing. Nordstrom has it for under $8 and they ship for free. This will save so many articles of clothing, not just sweaters. I recently revived a flannel with this and it’s good as new! It can be used over and over again with no problem; another useful tool that not many people have heard of. It’s also available on Amazon, but it’s cheaper at Nordstrom.

Fuzzy Socks

Is it even Christmas if you don’t gift or get a pair of fuzzy socks? But for real, Old Navy has my personal favorite fuzzy socks! But of course basically anywhere sells them this time of year, including Walmart & Target. Old Navy’s are super tall, which I personally love. Plus, they always have great deals on them. At the time of writing this, they were on sale for $2! They also have them for kids.

Mad Libs 

This one is definitely more geared toward kids, but I really wanted to include it! Mad Libs were my favorite growing up and I feel like some kids now might not even know what they are. It’s a great travel activity and it’s somewhat educational since it’s teaching kids the difference between nouns, verbs, pronouns, etc. Barnes & Noble usually stocks them, or you can find some on Amazon. The normal sized ones are perfect for a stocking!


Now that I’ve shared some specific items, I also wanna share just a few of my favorite in-store places to shop for stocking stuffers! There are places good for all budgets and you can find some unique items.

  • Dollar Tree – Not Dollar General or Family Dollar, Dollar Tree. This is the best spot to get candy for stockings (in my humble opinion). Everything is $1 and they have a wide variety (plus, they carry name brands). They also have some nice little odds and ends for kids and every once in while you can even find name brand makeup. It’s definitely work checking out!
  • Target – Specifically Bullseye’s Playground and the seasonal section. Bullseye’s Playground is great because they have fun things ranging from $1-$7ish. They especially have great seasonal items for kids! Also in the seasonal area, they always have a wall that screams, “stocking stuffers!” Tons of candies, small toys, and little items like body lotion and lip balm. Most items are normally under $10 as well.
  • Five Below– They have tons of toys, candy, and more $5 and under. Just proceed with caution because I have walked out of there with $60 worth of stuff without expecting to lol.


I hope you enjoyed this little blog post. Best of luck preparing for the holiday season y’all!

Thanks for reading!